I have survived Finals week, officially. This week, dreaded by all throughout the year, has finally come to an end, at least for me. There are still tons of others who have to take physics and all sorts of other horrid finals tomorrow but tonight I am free! I only had to take two actual in-class finals because the others were intense take home ones, but now they are done. There is one strange thing about my final taking procedure however. For the entire semester, I have survived without getting sick, needing a Kleenex box or anything to help me, but during my first final, I suddenly got a runny nose, started sneezing everywhere and then coughing like never before. And, guess what, right after the final was over, I was fine. I have NO IDEA what the problem was, but this is not the first time that it’s happened to me. The second final was better although it sure is strange to listen to 30 students writing away on sheets of paper while the room is silent and you can hear every shoe squeak, person clear their throat or sniffle and the teacher sits at the front, judging us no doubt. Ok no I’m sure he wasn’t, but I wonder what the teacher does while the students finish their finals. I know that I would probably be on facebook wasting time and watching The Simpsons on my computer, or the Middle.

The week leading up to finals was dreadful even though I am thankful everyday for not having to take physics, Calculus 3 and other science/math and business related finals. I despise business. Anyway, I was in the library a lot studying and making study guides with groups. My History of Modern Europe class (sounds contradictory) required a take home final with at least twelve answers with about a page chock full of information each followed by two essays. I write a lot so the final result of my Final was 20 pages of history on the development of Modern Europe. It sure is a good thing that I like history and writing, otherwise I might’ve died. I also am glad that I came into college knowing what I wanted to do with a plan and didn’t have to change majors mid-way through my sophomore year because that could seriously have messed me and my GPA up. Ahh, its just good to relax now that finals are over and that another semester in the grand plan has been dealt with. Now its just time for the nervous waiting to see what grades we got which will be posted on Blackboard by Sunday.  I saw an A that one of my teachers already put up and I was so happy because despite it being a simple Humanities course, World Philosophy was hard! Never have I cared less about Plato and Aristotle but I am glad that I did for the final or else I would not have scraped that A. Celebration in the form of Pepperidge Farm Goldfish and Oreos is in order.

Brownie Celebration at Zeke's with Lindsey and Rachel!

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