Prescott is Freezing!

Jan. 21st was my birthday and lets just say that it was way different from last year’s experience. Last year it snowed and we actually had a snow day off from school so we made a nature/adventure video and then went to dinner. It is interesting to think that a whole year has gone by because I distinctly remember losing my pair of cheap gloves at the restaurant. Now this year it wasn’t as extravagant but was still nice, I had a boring day of school but then got to hang out with some of my friends at one of their houses and just celebrated quietly. It was a lot of fun and I hope that next years is even better because it will be my 21st on Jan. 21st!

So lately Prescott has been experiencing some MAJOR cold weather although there is no snow yet so nobody could tell that we are freezing to death up here!  The wind chill itself has to be in the negatives, and this morning for PT I thought we were going to freeze solid while running. We’ve dealt with colder PT days before but this was just ridiculous! The wind is so bitter and just numbs out faces and our fingers, you know that feeling when your hands are so cold you can’t fasten a button or text on your phone, it was 10x times worse than that!  While carrying the heavy water jugs during our squad runs today we discovered that the jugs were leaking. The water got all over those holding the jugs and froze on them within seconds! There was ice coming off our uniforms and we’ve never seen that before. It makes me wonder if the other ROTC companies all over the States are having to do PT same as us. I can tell that the whole country is facing this cold crisis because of how Facebook is blowing up with statuses reflecting the cold weather. At least our cars aren’t stranded and our pipes frozen, I guess those folks in the Midwest have it far worse, but the wind itself is too much for Arizona!

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