Snowboarding in AZ!

So I had a great opportunity this past Saturday. That was going to Sunrise Ski Resort in Pine Top, AZ for an awesome day of snowboarding. The really cool part about it was that it was a school planned trip! The Embry-Riddle Student Life department set up this trip by giving offering the students a ride and a lift ticket for only $50 total. This was really nice because one, I didn’t have to do the 4hr drive alone or with just a couple friends and two, it was really fun going up with 45 other ERAU students. We had a group of 7 seven people that stayed together (which I would have never been able to fit 7 in my car so that was nice to have a ride), which was fun because the more people, the merrier a time you’ll have I always say.

I really like how different organizations around campus plan these trips for students. This snowboarding/skiing trip was one of many that many other clubs and all do throughout the school year. This is just one of many ways for students to get their minds off of school and homework for a little while. After all, engineers, pilots, weather majors, and all other students have the right to have a life here at ERAU. The good part about this is that Embry-Riddle will provide those opportunities for you to have a life outside of studying. Never thought a university would do that for you at all. Anyways, snowboarding was a great time. Of course it’s nothing like the CO mountains (where I go and snowboard) but who would have thought that you could snowboard in AZ? Lol.

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