Snow In Prescott and weekend fun

So I had my sim on Friday and man it was ugly. Fun but ugly. It felt like I had never flown a plane in my life. My muscle memory is off, my references, and viewing picture is all messed up, it was as if I were on a totally different planet. Nevertheless, it was a lot of fun. Very challenging flying from the right seat but it was a great first time in getting ready to tackle this next step. Can’t wait for the real flight now, I have a feeling that one might be a little easier.

The biggest occurrence this weekend is the fact that it snowed in Prescott….a lot. Now I’m from Denver so I have seen my fair share of snow but to snow this much in Prescott is almost unreal. It was nice having to shovel the snow, reminded me of home, but it was tiring. It was heavy, wet snow compared to the light and fluffy kind but it was great. Got a picture of my house below if you want to look at it. This was taken after I had shoveled once already. When I went to school on Monday evening, I saw a bunch on snowmen and a snow cave next to the dorms and around campus. It’s always nice to know that college students can still be kids and have a great time with each other. More snow is predicted for this weekend so we might be seeing this again soon.

Snow in Prescott

My house and car covered in snow! isn't it awesome!

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