Its that time of year again!

It’s crazy to think, but it’s time to register for classes again! Now, for flight students, there are two parts to registering for fall classes. The first part is registering for your flight block. Depending on the flight course you are in, you are allowed to register for specific flight blocks. For private pilot, I had flight block 82, which is from 0840 – 1255 Monday through Saturday. For next semester, they changed the flight blocks a bit to reduce the number of different ones they offer. I will be taking the private multi course to start training in the┬áSeminoles! For the fall semester, I will be in the 81 flight block which is from 0600 – 1005 Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and 0600 – 1100 Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

That is all for flight! In terms of academics, I am taking 5 classes; which is a full schedule. I have Aerodynamics, Technical Physics II (with a physics lab), Aircraft Systems & Components, Aviation Weather, and Instrument Ground School. The first four classes that I listed are all on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Instrument Ground School is on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I think next fall will be tough, but I am definitely up for the challenge! It’s going to be a great year and I can not wait to get into the multi engine aircraft! I will tell you how its going next year.

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