LA for the weekend!

So I decided to go to LA as a last minute trip for the weekend. My friend had an interview over there and asked me to go with her so I was like, it’s only 6 hours awy from ERAU, why not? One of the best impulse thing I’ve ever done. Got the see the stars on Hollywood Boulevard, the Disney Concert Hall, eat at a Colombian restaurant, all while spending some quality time with a great friend. It was a really fast trip making it back at 2:00am on Sunday morning however, it was great. On the drive back I got to see some really cool wind turbines. Had no idea CA had so many of them. Overall, it was a fun trip.

That’s one the that I like a lot about ERAU Prescott. Location, Location, Location. Prescott and Embry-Riddle are only 1.5 hours away from Phoenix and Flagstaff, 3 hours from the Grand Canyon, 4 from Las Vegas, and 8 from L.A. We are in a spot that we can reach many fun cities within a day. That’s one reason why I chose ERAU Prescott. Sure I can also do that in FL, but I can’t go from a desert, to mountains, to a beach in one day like I can in Prescott. As a senior, I recommend to look at those sorts of things when picking the right school for you. That’s how I chose ERAU Prescott, because it was the best places to suit me.

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