President’s Day Weekend

Thank goodness for President’s Day! Every college student LOVES three-day weekends! Especially college students at Embry-Riddle!

This three-day weekend is much needed and very much appreciated. Today was especially great. I got to sleep in, then Lauren and I went to the theaters and saw Red Tails. I thought that it was an excellent movie and it gave me a whole new perspective on pilots during World War II! It almost made me want to become a pilot!

Tonight, I was able to go to a bonfire with some of my friends from my church. It was so fun to go and just have fun and relax. We made smores, ate Oreo’s and Goldfish, played Kick the Can (with a Dr. Pepper bottle, because none of us had a can!), and told scary stories. It was a typical weekend bonfire with a bunch of awesome people and I was so glad that I went! That’s one of the good things about Prescott. There are so many places where you can be outdoors… you can go out to have a bonfire, go shooting, go hiking, go kayaking, or whatever else you want to do to be outside! And President’s Day weekend is the perfect weekend to do it. Gotta love being in Prescott! I hope everyone has a great President’s Day!

“Sometimes the cure for restlessness is rest.”
-Colleen Wainwight


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