ERAU Campus Ministries

The Embry-Riddle Catholic Campus Ministries started three years ago with one girl named Astrid offering surveys in front of Charwells to anyone that would be interested in joining or starting up a Catholic club on campus. The Ministries has since grown to dozens of students joining together every Sunday night and many other off-campus activities to celebrate their faith. During Freshman year I searched for a Catholic church and somewhere where I could worship with or without school involvement. There are several Campus Ministries on campus that cater to all walks of life and are accepting of everyone.
Last Semester was kind of rough and although the Catholic Ministries has been extremely supportive and active in my life, I decided to check out this group on campus called Chi Alpha, or XA. I had heard about this group since freshman year and several of my friends were involved in the group. Initially hesitant, I checked out some of their meetings and events in order to see what Chi Alpha was really about. My first adventure with them was the trip to Lake Powell in late September, during which some 40 students, some XA and some not, went to Lake Powell for a weekend of adventure. We met up with the XA from ASU and got to meet a bunch of people. I knew almost nobody in our own group but as the hours went on and the more fun we had tubing, cliffjumping, playing on the beach, exploring the island on the middle of the lake and getting launched fifty feet into the air by a device know as the the Eviscerator, I got to meet a bunch of new friends. The Lake Powell Adventure was a blast but the people that I got to meet then got me interested into going to some of their other events. I have been to several of their events and am glad that my friends got me involved in them. I highly encourage them to any wanting to pursue any sort of religious involvement with a group willing to accept anyone.
The Catholic Ministries here are open to anyone that wants to attend Mass or get involved with their community.

Lake Powell with XA

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