Preparation for the Penultimate

The penultimate challenge for Army ROTC students here at ERAU is the JFTX we embark on tomorrow. It comes right after the dreaded Record APFT (final pt test) and before the even more dreaded finals week. We leave tomorrow morning and expect freezing temperatures, frigid wind chills and possibly even some blisters. All in all, its no big deal compared to the real training and hardcore tactics that the Army really does, but for us juniors this is a big test before our final test at LDAC this summer.This whole week has been devoted to preparing for it and trying to cope with all the other schoolwork we are dealing with. I tried discussing with Liesl Hall about some topics in our class but by this time in the semester the competition in classes becomes rather intense, so Liesl and many others become more introverted so as to protect their grades and dignity while studying for finals. It’s a nature cycle of the ERAU college student, but by now I am used to it, and used to Liesl’s sly and silly behavior. We have just finished numerous papers and projects and I even took part in helping some friends with a project about a female terrorist group. My friends Gianna, Casey and Teri were working on a project for the best class ever, History of Terrorism, taught by Professor Austen, and I helped a bit on their project and watched them present.
Now it is getting late and I planned on writing a lot more, but its time to prepare mentally for one of the last challenges of junior year. I can’t believe I’m almost a senior. I am going to say right now that next year my academic schedule will be more relaxed and I’m gonna have all the fun I couldn’t have the first semester of this year and all the other times school and other stuff got in the way!

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