Adam Olimski, Freshman, BS Electrical Engineering

Hey there, I am Adam Olimski, an Air Force ROTC freshmen cadet at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.  I am originally from Orange County, California but then I moved down to the beautiful beaches of sunny San Diego.  My favorite hobbies are photography, going to the gym, and taking hikes.  I made the big move to Embry-Riddle because of its outstanding reputation throughout the Air Force and community.  I am currently studying Electrical Engineering and looking forward to my future, hopefully traveling the world with the Air Force.

Outside of my school work and Air Force ROTC, I am a participant in the AFROTC Honor Guard team.  I do spend a lot of time and effort with the Honor Guard; it’s just one of those things you get addicted to.  The Honor Guard team has helped me develop my character and my teammates have been there for me like best friends.  Another thing I enjoy outside of campus life is the incredible nature. Taking hikes right across the street from my dorm is a great way to just relax and take in the fresh air.  I do spend other free time hanging around the dorm playing my epiphone electric guitar with my friends.  I also do go to the gym a lot, as I have always been a fitness guy. The gym is my favorite getaway next to hiking, photography and my guitar.  Upon coming here I have learned a lot about living on your own. Within only three months of living here I have come to enjoy the life I lead here and appreciate more of everything I do on my own.

My hopes of this blog is to offer a better understanding of the life of a freshman at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and answer any questions you may have about the BIG move to college.  Welcome to my blog.

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