What are Your Hobbies?

Hello there, I was just wanting to get to know a little bit more about our readers, so I was curious what your hobbies are and if you would like to know a little more about me.

I have several hobbies, some of which are weird but, hey I am an engineer and a cadet so I’m bound to be pretty strange anyways right. So things that I enjoy doing are separated in three categories they are my Air Force hobbies, my personal hobbies, and my engineering hobbies.

My Air Force hobbies are shoe shining, ironing my uniform, making up workouts for PT (because I am one of the Physical Fitness Officer’s assistants), and hanging out in the DMZ (our lounge for cadets) with my Honor Guard team/family. If you choose to join any military organization you will soon find yourself enjoying these hobbies, and seriously you will enjoy them. Shining and ironing are actually quite relaxing and they give you a sense of pride in wearing the uniform as your appearance will be excellent as a result of your own skills. It can also be really fun to help others with their uniform because you get to contribute to someones uniform knowledge and support their appreciation of the uniform that we wear.

My personal hobbies are bike riding, fixing bikes, playing pool, swimming, hiking, running, making bracelets, writing blogs (obviously!!), taking walks, and cleaning. The last one is a little weird but, I like to clean things, it is the greatest feeling to know that a dirty place is now spotless because of your work. The same goes with fixing bikes, the bike I brought to college with me is one that I spent countless hours fixing until it was in a condition better than brand new. In whatever I do I love the thrill of watching something transform into a better state as a result of the work I put into it. I enjoy the other hobbies I have because I love to be outside just to look at and enjoy the parts of life that nature itself transformed into the land formations that we see everyday.

So finally my engineering hobbies are calculus, building/programming circuits, researching engineering topics, and avoiding English classes as best as I can. As an engineer calculus is the building block to everything, all engineers must take three calculus courses and learn to love the topic to its very core. Personally, I could integrate things for eternity that’s how much I adore calculus lol. Building and programming circuits is something you will either love or hate as an engineer as all engineering majors must take a class called Digital Circuits, this is paired with a lab class in which you will construct and eventually program functions to verify logic that you will learn in the class. This is a ton of fun but, if you do not take it seriously and really work hard at it then you will not enjoy the class or receive exceptional scores. Researching topics is motivating to me as I see what others have done with their degrees and what I could possibly accomplish with mine. Lastly, avoiding English classes is a great past time, try to get these all out of the way in high school they are a waste of your time and money in college. That’s it, plain and simple. You are here for your degree, not to learn English, you should already know it at this point, except for those who come from other countries these classes might be necessary but, for those of us who spent all our previous school years in an English class there is no point in continuing that in college. The best way to not take English in college is to take and pass the AP English exams, they are pretty easy and the credits you get from these will exempt you from college English courses so avoid them if you can!!!!

Well that’s about it for my hobbies, I’d like to hear some of yours so please comment below. I look forward to hearing from you!!

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**Major:** Aerospace Engineering **Minors:** Mathematics Minor, Military Science Minor **Hometown:** Bermuda, FL **Activities:** AFROTC, SHPE **Honors:** Service Excellence Award, Deans List Award **Favorite Class:** Structures **Favorite thing to do in Prescott:** Kayaking, see movies, cruise through downtown **In my free time, I…** like to watch Netflix, go bike riding, hang out with friends, and relax

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