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Since we just all finished up our Easter festivities I thought that some of you might be wondering where the tradition of dying eggs originally came from, well if you recall that civilization we all studied in World History sophomore year of high school then you will remember the Mesopotamians. These people originally carved and died Ostrich eggs in celebration of the rebirth and fertility that the spring season brings. Of course this caught on in other regions as a result of world trade and different peoples across the world incorporated this art into their own traditions.

It is for this reason that most people as kids got to decorate eggs and hunt them each spring. We all have our own variations on the tradition, for example my family always hides the candy filled eggs, but we eat the dyed hardboiled ones at brunch after a contest to see who has the toughest egg. I only won this contest once lol, but there have been quite a few attempts on my part to win in the past.

At Embry Riddle the tradition is that the campus comes together as a community and has a massive Easter egg hunt. There are your standard candy eggs and if you’re lucky enough, you will get one of the special eggs which have cash inside or tokens for other sweet prices like Ipads or giant stuffed bunnies. No matter what you get the hunt is always a fun time to bond with other students and build up morale in the few weeks left before spring finals.

Whatever your tradition is always enjoy it and be ready to accept new takes on this spectacular holiday 🙂 We hope that your Easter was awesome and that some day you will join us here at Embry Riddle Prescott for an Easter Egg hunt in the future!!

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