Update on My Second Semester

Hey everybody so as you know this is my second semester at Embry Riddle Prescott and its time for my update on how everything is going 🙂

Right now I am taking Digital Circuits and the lab, Engineering Economics, Calculus 2, Physics 2, and ROTC courses. They all seem to be going really well but, I think my most favorite course is Digital Circuits Lab because here is where you get to implement what you learn in the class and it is a ton of fun. Pretty much all you do is wire circuits, program circuits with VHDL, create state diagrams, and verify circuit functions with oscilloscopes. It sounds tough but in reality it sooooo easy and you will come to love it once you get a good lab partner and a system for accomplishing the lab.

The class that I enjoy the least is Engineering Economics because it kinda seems pointless to me. I took Micro/macro economics in high school and passed the AP exam but, I had to take this course as an elective as I got credit for all the other electives except this one. All in all I have really low motivation to show up to class but, I motivate myself by thinking that its an easy A that will boost my GPA  and give me a “cushion” just i case I don’t do so well in one of my other courses. Even with this logic behind my motivation it is still very difficult to make myself care about the course. This is the second time I have encountered this in my college career and I’m sure it will become a persistent problem for me and perhaps any other students who are coming into college. The best advice I can give you is to know yourself, know what courses you like and which ones you don’t but, treat them equally as you study and do your homework.

The best way to do this is to follow the tips below:

1. Do the homework you don’t enjoy before doing the homework that you do enjoy, for example, I do my economics homework before doing my digital circuits homework that way I know I will complete it and do it well.

2. Give yourself incentives. Watch a movie or go hang out when your done with homework and continually remind yourself that the work you put into your “pointless class” is really inflating your GPA all to your benefit.

3. Always show motivation in class. This will catch your professors attention and when you need help they will be more willing to help you out as they know that you are taking their course seriously. TIP: Also, they are more likely to round  up your grade if you are on the border line of a higher letter grade and you consistently show motivation in class.

4. Finally, talk about it with others. Tell them you are having trouble caring about the class, they might have the same issue and maybe you both can work through the issue together.

I hope these suggestions will help you if you ever encounter this type of a situation, Thanks for reading!!!!!

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