Almost The End

To those of you who would like to know what freshman year is like at Embry-Riddle Prescott, all summed up in a couple paragraphs, well today is your lucky day. It is almost the end of my freshmen year so i will be writing about, the best parts of getting through it, a few tips, and a few of my experiences.

If you have been keeping up with my blogs, I have already talked about the big move away from home. No body really talks about that part, but it can be tough. The best part about being away from home though in a new environment is the freedom that comes with it. It can be a good thing and help you or it could hurt you if you don’t treat it with respect. From my experiences as being a freshmen getting adjusted, keeping yourself busy helps you learn to manage your time wisely and keeps you on the right track to success. I have seen great success because if it and tragic failures.

The next big thing that can make a difference your freshmen year, is continuing to do things that you enjoy, keeping you hobbies or developing new ones is a great way to relieve stress from the school work. Yes it does get stressful. There are many clubs at campus, Embry-Riddle makes it easy for students to be involved with the campus. We have clubs that range from, Rock Climbing to Dance and even Martial Arts. If you are in ROTC, you will have plenty of options to get involved, the more you get involved the more friends you will make, it is easy to meet new people especially at Embry-Riddle, most people here staff included are very outgoing and very approachable. In fact one of the great things about the staff here is how approachable they are. some teachers even host events such as taking a group of people down to phoenix to watch a baseball or hockey game. its a great way to get to know the professors and hear some of their great stories or projects they are working on.

The first year is tough but some of the best parts about getting through it are the unexpected. You never know whats coming around the corner but that is the best part. You will meet a lot of great new people that have common interests and degrees. You will have great memories and a lot of laughs, but knowing you finished your freshmen year successfully is a great accomplishment and great way to start your career.

In this blog i went over a good way to deal with your free time, and a great way to keep yourself on the right track to success. I gave you a few personal insights, and a good way to get involved on campus.

Thank you for reading, I hope this was informative. If there is anything else you would like to know specifically. Feel free to let me know.

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