Preparing for Finals

So the end is near and final exams are approaching, its crunch time. Preparing for finals, is every college kids dread. There are good habits and bad habits that you may develop for studying. I will go over a few tips to avoid the bad habits. And some ways to keep yourself relaxed because the last thing you need to do is be stressed out. Here at Embry-Riddle Prescott campus there is plenty of tutoring available for all subjects personally i appreciate the small class size here.

So the end is near and final exams are approaching quickly. The stress is really hitting and its time to study. Some of the best ways to study are up to you’re personal preference but there are better ways to go abut it then others. All teachers are different so studying by doing practice problems and looking over previous test/quizzes, for classes such as physics and math, are a great way to understand how the teacher would like you to approach the problem. Also understanding the terms or ideas behind formulas is a great way to comprehend such problems.

Classes such as English and history are much different, but again looking over homework, quizzes and tests are great ways to prepare for these tests. If you want an insight on anything, going to tutoring and talking to previous students of a particular class or just talking to the teacher is a great idea. Understanding and comprehending what you are doing in class is the best way to do well on tests especially finals, that leaves less work for you to do in the end.

Using your resources is important to getting insights on a class or a future class, or time management.

Personally loosing motivation will happen, and one of the most important ways to do well in school is by staying motivated. Going out with friends and keeping up with hobbies is a personal favorite. Any way to stay active and healthy will also help. In Prescott, AZ there are plenty of outdoor activities, from intercollegiate sports to camping the movie theater.

The big idea is to get your mind off of school and whatever worries you have on weekends or when you have the time to, i speak this from personal experiences.

As long as you can remember to stay focused when you need to, you can survive.

Thanks for reading, hope it was a help.

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