Hello everyone!

My name is Zach Sargent, the newest blogger to the site. I figured I would make my first post an introduction about myself. I am going into my junior year at ERAU Prescott as an aeronautical science major with a minor in business. I am currently finishing up the last check ride for my multi-engine commercial certificate, and will be transitioning straight into my flight instructor training when I finish. Before coming to Prescott I lived in Santa Rosa, California, where I received my private pilot’s license in high school, and decided ERAU was the best possible place to begin working towards a career in aviation. When I came to ERAU in the fall of 2011, I joined the school’s Golden Eagles Flight Team, a nationally ranked flight team that competes against hundreds of other flight schools around the country in events such as power off landings, navigation flying, aircraft recognition, and other aviation related events. The team takes up most of my time at school outside of flight training and classes, but is well worth the hard work for the rewards that the team has brought me. This year, we won our second consecutive national title in Columbus, Ohio. Beginning this fall, I will be acting as the team’s Chief Pilot, and responsible for the team’s aircraft and flight operations. Outside of busy student life I enjoy activities such as cycling, hiking, shooting, and traveling. Choosing to attend Embry-Riddle was one of the best decisions I have made and I have enjoyed every bit of my time since I arrived here.

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