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Hey there, so as I may have mentioned before, I am taking Calculus 3 over the summer here at Embry Riddle Prescott. So far the course has been really fun and rewarding. I definitely encourage taking summer courses in order to accelerate your learning in college. This can also help you save some time and a lot of money as most summer courses are offered at a discount rate because they are taught over the course of 6 weeks rather than 12 like during the normal semester.

An example of the work that I have been doing in Calc 3 is integration in 3 dimensions, taking line integrals, calculating work in line integrals, and density in line integrals. A little sample of what you can expect to see toward the conclusion of your semester in Calculus 3 is below šŸ˜€

Also, a quick note, whether or not you need to take Calculus 3 all depends on your major. Majors that are considered technical are required to take Calculus 3 while others that are non technical majors, wont need to take a Calculus course.For this reason it is best to speak with the records department, your admissions counselor, and your academic adviser to figure out what courses you will need to take for your major when you arrive on campus.

Well, no matter what your doing with your summer just keep in mind that classes are coming up and you need to be preparing for college!!!


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