Temple Run….Don’t play it!!!!!!


So I’m sure you have noticed the unusual title of this blog, it is because I must warn you not to play temple run!!! It is sooo addicting and soon you will find yourself playing it in class, at work, in your dorm room, etc etc etc. Then the game will sometimes delete your progress so that you have to start all over again… šŸ™ NOT FUN!!

My lesson with Temple Run is actually one that applies to all college students….DO NOT get addicted to a game. Sure, games are fun and relaxing at times however, if you come to enjoy them to much they can damage your ability to pay attention in class and to succeed in school.


There are so many studies out there about game addictions, I encourage you to look some up on Google and most of all don’t be that kid (we have all see one, ewwww) who comes to class with terrible personal hygiene because they spent all their time in the last few days playing some video or computer game.


Phone games, thankfully don’t have repercussions as bad as the one I mentioned above but, they can still hurt you by being a distraction in class, so again take my advice and DON’T DO IT!!!




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