Military Influence at Embry Riddle

Embry Riddle’s Flight line in Prescott AZ

So today, when I was out giving tours one of our potential students expressed a concern that they were not entirely comfortable with living on a campus that had a large military affiliation. When I looked more into the topic after our discussion of the campus’s military affiliation, I discovered that some people who are interested in attending Embry Riddle think that is a Military Academy.

I would like to dispel that thought as much as possible, Embry Riddle does have military ties as a result of the two ROTC detachments on campus and also because many veterans choose to attend school here. However, we are very very very far from being any sort of a military academy, even though we do have a military affiliation we do not try to force students to join any ROTC or other type of military service. Our ROTC cadets and veterans live among the other students, we are college students as well and we are happy to get to know you, no matter what your chosen pursuit is.

You will not feel any pressure or discrimination from anyone on campus, we are a diverse campus and we are always ready to accept new students and get to know them, their dreams, pursuits, and their personalities. šŸ˜€ Some of our students come from places all over the world, such as China, the Middle East, and Europe. We know that everyone has a different background and different goals for their lives because of their previous experiences. It is our goal as a campus to promote a feeling of community among our students so that no one will ever feel like they do not belong at Embry Riddle.

When considering colleges to attend please think of Embry Riddle firstly as another college, look into the various majors we offer and if one interests you please apply, we would love to welcome you to the Embry Riddle family. And again, it is true there is a military presence on this campus but, the cadets and veterans are only your fellow students, we do not want to pressure you or make you feel uncomfortable should you consider attending Embry Riddle. We will welcome you just like any other student and we look forward to potentially meeting you in the future!!

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