Air Force Zero Week

Are all you Embry Riddle Air Force Cadets ready? Zero Week starts tomorrow!!!! We have been preparing specially for you and soon you will join Det 028, The Best in the West!

Some advice for the week, just don’t freak out and where ever you go be on time and follow your schedule. Zero week is a time where you learn what it means to be a cadet, what your commitments are, and also if the Air Force is really the career that you want to pursue. It seems like a lot of pressure but, don’t worry you will do fine. Throughout your career in Air Force ROTC you will have many friends aka “Wingmen” you may even make a few during your zero week so be open to meeting other cadets.

We want this time to be educational and fun for you, so if you have any questions and concerns please ask, just follow the protocol for doing so. There will be a lot of regulations that you must learn; however, don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Put yourself out there and learn from errors how things are supposed to be done. It’s no big deal, just go for it and once you know the proper way to pose a question then use that method.

Become one of us, a future Officer in the United States Air Force

The Air Force is a structured environment, as is AFROTC so learn as much as you can and like I said before, follow the protocol. Actions and activities that have a protocol are asking questions, PT, marching, reporting in/out, uniform wear, and appearance. As a cadet you must follow all regulations/protocols, there are no exceptions. Learn this early on and you will be a great cadet. Good luck to everyone as you enter Zero Week, have fun, make friends, and learn how to become an officer in the United States Air Force!!!

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