New Student Orientation

Summer is over and it is time to begin again!! Today, Thursday August 22, all of the new students for Embry Riddle’s Prescott campus are arriving!!!! (ROTC students actually arrived on Monday, but the rest come in today). We are all very excited to see you here on campus and I’m here to offer a few tips on what you should do first when you get to campus.

1. Go to the welcome center, building 41. Here you can pick up your welcome packet and your orientation schedule. There is a map and a checklist inside the schedule booklet so that the new student will know what to do next and where to go to do it šŸ™‚

2. The next thing you should do is go to the housing office called HAAS in building 73, you can pick up your room key here and start moving into your new room!!

3. Pick up your mailbox key from the mail room in building 11, you can actually receive mail here on campus!!

4. Register your vehicle in building 14, that’s where the Safety department is located. All you need is a valid ID and all the documents that you have on your vehicle.

5. Pick up your Eagle card in building 13, this is the Eagle card office. The Eagle card is really important as it is your meal card, your ID card, and your debit card. It allows you access to certain areas on campus as well, if you have the proper authorization.

6. Most of all have an awesome day, we are so happy to be welcoming you to our campus and we hope that you have a great first year here on our gorgeous campus!!!

-Note you can complete that list in any order

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