Warrior Week


This week in Air Force ROTC is what we like to call Warrior Week. It is basically the week that we all bring the competition to prove which flight is the best in the detachment. The week includes flight competitions in sports, knowledge, and fitness. As well as costume contests for Halloween and wrapping it all up with an event called Dining In.

So we are beginning the week by constructing costumes, and wearing them to lead lab on Wednesday. I am not sure what my flight has decided to wear quite yet but, the overall theme of Warrior Week is combat superheros so it should be pretty interesting. I’m thinking superman T shirt and BDU pants, that superhero-y right?

Alpha Flight, the coolest flight Ever!! We won the costume contest!

Then we will have a bunch of sports, hopefully not cow tongue Frisbee like last year….that was really gross but amusing to watch. When the sports are all over then we will do knowledge competitions, and here at Dining In who won Warrior week and earns the Warrior Flight of the semester award.

Dining In, like I said earlier is a military tradition where the detachment gets together and enjoys each others company. During this time we have toasts to those who came before us and those who can no longer join us in our traditions. After the toasts, there is something called a grog, it is really really really disgusting but, if you did something really dumb durign the semester you are called to the grog. If you don’t have a witty rebuttal then you must drink a cup of grog to the last drop. If  anything is left when you flip the cup upside down you have to take another serving!!!!

When the grog is all done we will eat and listen to guest speakers talk about their military service. When we are all done it is time for some fun, we go outside and have an epic water balloon fight between flights. At Embry Riddle we have Dining in at the Flight line in a maintenance hanger so its pretty entertaining to see people running around in costumes  in the airport parking lot with water balloons.

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