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This Saturday, right before Dining In (hyperlink to other blog!!!) the Honor Corps teams will be having our major exam called Test Off. To be a part of the teams and perform in the community all team members must pass test off. This will be my second time going through it, and I can’t really say that I’m excited, I honestly just want to get it over with.

Each team does Test Off differently, as a part of the Honor Guard Test Off includes knowledge, skills, marching, performances, and inspection. The knowledge portion is a written 1 hour exam over a packet of material that all the teams in Honor Corps must know verbatim. Our skills test covers skills with both flag and rifle movements, while our marching test is basically an FDE that all teams must pass. Each member of the Honor Guard must command one flag posting ceremony as part of the exam and pass with at least a 90. Then there is a 2 hour inspection during which you are drilled on procedures, knowledge, and critiqued on how you wear the ceremonial uniform.








This is a lot to prepare for however, we train 4 days of the week in order  to achieve a high level of excellence. In the end it all pays off because we get to perform at the cardinals game in phoenix, in flag retirement ceremonies, funerals, etc. It is a real honor to be a part of a team that exists to pay respect to those who came before us. It is for this reason that I participate in Honor Guard and take the time out of my week to practice. So, on that note I will be off to Test Off this Saturday to reaffirm my status as a Guardsman and continue honoring those who came before. Wish our team luck!!

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