Holiday Travel

No matter how you will be getting home for Thanksgiving this year, the most important part of traveling is safety. I know we all hear this every year but, it is still essential to practice safety as you make your way home this holiday season.

So some things to look out for if you are driving are:

1. Driving late at night/tired

2. Ice on the road or bad weather conditions

3. Vehicle maintenance issues- before you head out check your oil, brakes, coolant….etc.

If you happen to be flying home:

1. Print your boarding passes and arrive at the airport early!!

2. Do not leave your items unattended EVER

3. Don’t be too friendly with strangers….yes we have heard this a million times but it still applies!!!

If you are just going down the road or across town:

1. Be aware of driving conditions

2. Do not rush, its better to get there late and in one piece than not at all…..

And of course no matter how you travel use your common sense. The main idea is to have a wonderful holiday and come back safe!!! On that note, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!!

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