Veteran’s Day Events












As we all know Veteran’s day is also fast approaching so you might wonder, what the students of Embry Riddle Prescott do to honor our veterans……well….we do alot of different things. From the ROTC side of life we do a veteran’s day parade, the Honor Guard (my team!!!!) does a 24 hour Vigil at the veteran’s memorial hospital, and we go out to the veteran’s hospice to keep them company throughout the day.As for the rest of the campus, not much really goes on because our students go out into the community to get involved with the events in downtown Prescott.

No matter who you are and what you do, just take a moment this Veteran’s day to stop and thank a veteran for their service. They volunteered to do what only 1% of Americans do, and have made immense sacrifices to ensure the freedoms that we take for granted daily. They should ever be forgotten, and neither should or POW/MIA.

With that said, have a good, fun, and safe veteran’s day. I look forward to participating in Vigil and the Parade again this year so you might be able to see me there if you can find me (I’m short and hard to see because i blend in with all the Air Force Blues) !!!

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