My Lake Powell Adventure – College is so much more than you think!

Imagine getting in a car one Friday and driving four and a half hours to the border of Arizona and Utah to spend the weekend on an island with 75 of your friends. That is what last weekend was for me. At Embry-Riddle I have been highly involved with Chi Alpha which is a campus ministry group that focuses on crazy adventures, and building community.

Powell Car (Small)
This past weekend was Chi Alpha’s Lake Powell Adventure. For this trip, we carpooled out to Lake Powell, boated to our own island, and played on the water. There was boating, tubing, blobbing, water-skiing, cliff jumping, salsa dancing, campfires, great food, and even better friends.
Powell Beach (Small)
Friday night we arrived on our island to find three campfires, dinner, and s’mores. Some of the boys decided to go night cliff jumping while the rest of us talked and hung out around the fire. That night we slept on the beach under hundreds of stars. It was beautiful.
Saturday started with a bang. My friends and I decided after breakfast to go cliff jumping. It was terrifying but worth it. Then it was on to tubing and water skiing for the rest of the day. Because of all the different water activities some people would be on the boats, others cliff jumping, relaxing, and even blobbing. If you  do not know, a blob is an inflatable bag of air that someone sits on the end of, while another person jumps and catapults them into the air, it is really cool. Even though I decided not to get blobbed, there is always next year!
Powell Blobbing
The day ended with a relaxing campfire again. This time some of the boys decided to create a mote with a fire in the center, which allowed us all to be together. We ate, sang, and bonded under the night’s sky.

Powell Fire Pit
Then we packed up and headed home on Sunday. Four and a half hours in the car is a way to build a friendship that you never thought you would have. The car ride to Powell was very entertaining. Singing to Disney, and rocking out in the convertible was an experience I will not forget!

Powell Group
It is hard to capture the love I have for Chi Alpha and the trip in this post. But the relationships and adventures I have had through this organization are amazing and I know will stay with me long after college.

Before you head off to college everyone says to get involved, and it is true. Being a first year student, I do not know what college would be like without the clubs and organizations I am a part of, and the people I have meet through them.

Embry’s Biggest Surprise — The Tight-Knit Community


Ever since I was a kid, I had a passion for anything aviation. My aunt was in the Navy and my grandpa was a private pilot with a V-Tail Bonanza. I loved to be surrounded by people who shared the same passion as I had. When coming to Embry-Riddle, I knew I would be surrounded by a community of students and faculty who also loved aviation (since it is an aeronautical university), but I had no idea how tight-knit that community would be. Embry-Riddle is just a large family, with all its members having one common passion and drive: aviation. Not only is everyone pursuing a career in a similar field, but many also share the same extracurricular interests. By the third day of orientation, my suitemates and I built an airplane out of a broken printer we found in the dumpster (no we weren’t dumpster diving) and proceeded to launch it off our third story balcony.

My new video ROP project5_edited-1

Silly as it seems, the building and launching of the ‘printer plane’ started the formation of a strong bond between my suitemates and I, and made life long memories before school had even started! And the adventures aren’t limited to gliders created from old electronics; within two weeks I had built friendships with several other guys who shared my love for remote control aircraft. Since then, we have built combat airplanes, built and flown multirotors such as hexacopters and tricopters, have had plenty of crashes, and have made tons of memories.

RC fieldDSC04977 DSC04965

It’s that sense of family that surprised me most about Embry-Riddle, and I think it’s a unique community you won’t find at any other university

If you’re interested in seeing the “Printer Pelican 1”, you can watch the video I made at this link.



Veteran’s Day Events












As we all know Veteran’s day is also fast approaching so you might wonder, what the students of Embry Riddle Prescott do to honor our veterans……well….we do alot of different things. From the ROTC side of life we do a veteran’s day parade, the Honor Guard (my team!!!!) does a 24 hour Vigil at the veteran’s memorial hospital, and we go out to the veteran’s hospice to keep them company throughout the day.As for the rest of the campus, not much really goes on because our students go out into the community to get involved with the events in downtown Prescott.

No matter who you are and what you do, just take a moment this Veteran’s day to stop and thank a veteran for their service. They volunteered to do what only 1% of Americans do, and have made immense sacrifices to ensure the freedoms that we take for granted daily. They should ever be forgotten, and neither should or POW/MIA.

With that said, have a good, fun, and safe veteran’s day. I look forward to participating in Vigil and the Parade again this year so you might be able to see me there if you can find me (I’m short and hard to see because i blend in with all the Air Force Blues) !!!

Thanksgiving Break is on its way!!










In about two weeks Embry Riddle’s Prescott campus will be celebrating Thanksgiving Break, and boy are we ready for it!!! We have a mixture of students who go and home for Thanksgiving and those who do not. If you should choose not to go home during Thanksgiving do not fear, we are here for you!!!

Our Dining Hall staff actually cooks a full Thanksgiving dinner for students to enjoy and professors always invite students over to their homes to celebrate as well. Last year, I was unable to go home for Thanksgiving, so me and a bunch of friends went over to my MATLAB professor’s house for dinner and had a wonderful time 🙂

Luckily, I will be going home this year and even though the break will only be four days long (because of travel time) I am very excited. There is nothing like a good home cooked meal and enjoying old traditions. Although now that we are all old college students, we can begin to make our own!!

So no matter where you will be celebrating this year, have a good time, and don’t be lonely!! The Embry Riddle community is here to welcome you and Thanksgiving is one of our favorite times of year 🙂