Pets in the Dorms


So today I would like to address a very common question: What kind of pets are we allowed to have in the dorms at Embry Riddle? Well……only fish. The official rules say that whatever it is it still must fit in a five gallon tank. Please don’t be funny and try to trap some poor cat in a five gallon tank, that’s animal abuse….try to stick with a fish or fishes. You can have as many fish as you want, with in reason of course as long as they can all be contained in a single 5 gallon tank.

Personally, I have had a betta fish since freshman year. They are pretty, easy to take care of, and actually enjoy your company if placed on your desk while you work. My fish even chases laser pointers…..which I should probably be more concerned about than amused. However, if you really want a fuzzy pet you can try and work out something with housing and residence life, no guarantees but, you might be able to keep a hamster or something.











The funniest things I have seen/heard of as far as pets living in the dorms go is that over summer someone had a Labrador in their room that was never discovered. I know of at least three cats that have lived in the hall closet of the upper class-man apartments…poor kitties. The weirdest one I have seen is a 6 inch fish that bites people, so please don;t get one that big. Also, be considerate to animals. I know that some people just rally want a pet but, think about what you are putting them through if you have to hide them all the time..

Don't do this to  a cat

Don’t do this to a cat



Overall, stick with a fish, they like small spaces and you won’t have to hide them from anyone, unless they bite…

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