Technology Tips


In the Admissions office we often get questions about what type of technology is most helpful for students who are coming to college. Well, I have compiled a list and interesting facts/comments below that should be really helpful. Please read on!!

a) Tablets: If you are a flight student an apple ipad is the best. If you are not, a Samsung tablet totally rocks for checking and sending email in between classes. Games of course are handy to have when you get bored too šŸ˜‰

b) Laptops: Bring a good one. You do not want to have to replace it while in college, trust me, its no beuno I have been there and done that. I prefer Samsung and/or apple but, as long as you bring one you can trust it will all be well.

c) Cell phone: Oddly enough, some people come to college without one. NOT A GOOD IDEA. How else will you call home, keep in touch with friends, and make professional phone calls for internships, payments on loans etc. BRING A CELL PHONE.

Well, those are the three main things that you will need technology wise in college. Of course, TV’s, gaming systems, and things like that are optional but, you won’t use those as often if you are doing the whole college thing right…..just sayin.

Hope you enjoyed reading. Have an awesome day everyone!!!

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