The Ragnar Relay

Ready to get your race on? I know I am. I am sure everyone has heard of the Tough Mudder by now and if you don’t already know the Ragnar relay race is like it but harder. Be prepared to get pumped!

Ragnar is an overnight running relay race. The Ragnar trail series consists of teams of 8 that complete 120 miles over the course of two days and one night. Yes this means you get to camp out! But camping and running is only half the fun! Not only is this relay race based on a team objective. At the race there will be live music, bonfires, food and it brings together thousands of awesome people each year.

Click on the link to check out the Ragnar page for more information.

I decided to do the Ragnar trail series in November at McDowell Mountain with a buddy that is in USMC (PLC) Platoon Leaders Class with me. As a student at Embry-Riddle you will meet a lot of great people with some different and some very similar interests. This is a great scenario where you will meet people that will get you excited to reach out and push your limits! Its a great experience! I encourage you to take advantage of opportunities like this. At Embry-Riddle you will find a lot of chances like this arise which is what makes it a great place to attend college.

I will also run with my buddy who is a part of Team RWB (Red White Blue). A Veteran nonprofit organization that helps veterans across the nation in a plethora of ways including coming together and running marathons or exciting events like the Ragnar.

So check it out! Grab a couple friends and hit those trails! I can’t wait to get started next weekend! Ill keep you posted after the run and let you know how it went! Thanks for reading.

Orcad and Pspice Simulations

As a student studying Electrical Engineering you will use many different tools to assist you in the learning and application process. So today I will go into one of the AWESOME software tools I use on a daily basis.

One thing that just about all of my professors have told me about using a computer aided design (CAD) is that if you don’t master the software, the software masters you. This may not make sense yet but it will by the time you finish reading this blog.

Although the above picture is not a schematic I have drawn, the Program, ORCAD, allows you to draw a schematic like the one you see above. This is what the interface looks like on your screen.

You need ORCAD to run a simulation with values you set and then will receive data much faster then actually setting up a circuit with discrete components. So before I enter the Electronic Devices lab every Thursday I draw a schematic similar to the one above. I set all the values of Resistors, Capacitors and Sources to receive the data I want. With this data, I have a reference point for the values I should receive when I design the Circuit with discrete components like the one below.

The software is a great tool to master and utilize! I highly suggest buying a text on the software and reading it as you learn to master it. It can be tricky! If you really want a jump start you can check out the link below, if you are a student you may download the free lite version of ORCAD with pspice simulations.

Again this ORCAD is just one of many great tools you will learn to use at Embry-Riddle. Thanks for reading.

Can You Smell Whats Brewing?

Can you smell that…? That’s the sweet smell of coffee brewing in the morning.


As a college student you may experience long sleepless nights, early morning study sessions and lots of homework especially as an Embry-Riddle engineering student. Many choose caffeine to help them through it all. In my opinion and based on my research, the healthiest choice seems to be…. Coffee! That’s right, not soda, or Red Bull, but coffee. Luckily for us Embry-Riddle has a Starbucks in the library!

Unlike soda or energy drinks coffee does not have any added preservatives or high fructose corn syrup. I am constantly working out in the gym or running so drinking soda or Red Bull doesn’t exactly fit my routine. Plus, coffee tastes great once you master your desired coffee flavor! It’s the first thing I make when I wake up every morning and one cup is all I need.

Fun Myth: It is said that a farmer once discovered coffee based on how his goats acted after eating a certain berry. And now we have coffee!

As for the benefits of coffee, my research has found:

1)      It actually enhances athletic performance.

2)      It increases mental sharpness

3)      It assists weight loss

With that being said, I have to say the best part about coffee is waking up to the great taste of it, and how it helps awaken your mind. Thanks for reading, be sure to stay tuned for more fun articles.