FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions



Working in the admissions office means that you hear some pretty interesting questions all the time. These are questions that some students might need to know the answers to if their planning on attending the Embry Riddle Campus in Prescott AZ. So, jumping right in…..

Q: What is college dorm life like?

A: To me its like living in a hotel room that you have to clean.

Q: Can I bring my bike?

A: Yes, it is really helpful to get around campus and we highly encourage students to bring one. We have bicycle racks all over campus where you can store your bike when it is not in use. In addition, your bike must be registered with the safety office, this is free of charge.

Q: How much is it to register a car, and how long does registration last?

A: It is $60 and it lasts for a full calender year. Once you are registered you are guaranteed on campus parking.

Q: Are college finals scary for freshman?

A: It depends, I have heard some horror stories, but for me they weren’t too bad at all. Just study, eat well, and get some sleep the night before and you will be fine.

Q: What makes Prescott better than Daytona Beach?

A: For flight students, the weather is better here for flying than at Daytona. For Engineers, the faculty and staff try really hard to get to know you and encourage you in your chosen path. Since it is a smaller campus than Daytona, you get more one and one time with professors that helps to develop some awesome references.

Q: Do you like living in Arizona?

A: Yes, I love it here. When I graduate I really hope that I can get stationed in AZ, it is a really cool place to live. There’s tons of outdoor things to do and really nice people to meet.

Back to the Grind

Getting back in to the new semester can have its struggles but it’s always nice jumping back into reality after a nice break. In this blog I will discuss some things that we all dread and some things that we look forward to when coming back to start another semester at Embry Riddle, Prescott campus.

When it comes to starting the new semester there will always be the thought of stress from the load of work you will be taking on, In the back of our mind. Everybody deals with stress differently, but the best way to deal with the new semester, especially if you just finished a rough one and need to work on your GPA, is to come back to school prepared. When you feel prepared and ready to take on your responsibilities you will have the upper hand, you will feel confident in your work. Confidence can play a big part in success.

After about the first week of break I had had enough of the lazy days with nothing productive to do. So naturally I was excited to come back and start my studies again. Of course I was excited to see my close friends again but nothing beats the feeling of being one step closer to getting a degree and a big kid job.

Another plus to starting a new semester at Embry-Riddle is the experiences you will get from it. Not only is it a college experience but you will meet people from all over the world, with different talents and different ways of thinking. Its a great way to open your connections and view the world in different eyes.

I wish everyone good luck with the New Year and new semester.

– Adam Olimski


Fitness is a huge part of being a cadet at Embry Riddle and also at any ROTC detachment or service Academy. If you plan to attend our University and be a part of either our Air Force or Army ROTC Detachments then you must be above the rest physically.

Embry Riddle Prescott is actually a pretty unique school that can really help you with your fitness. We have several fields, running trails, a track, gyms, a cardio room, and so much more to help our students stay in shape while they attend school here. The facilities are open to all students and you may use them at your leisure. The big difference about this University as compared to others is that we are actually about a mile above sea level in elevation here.

As a result of the elevation less oxygen is available so when you work out you are strengthening your lungs immensely. When you go to lower elevations you will then have an edge on other athletes because your lungs are so much stronger!!

This is also helpful if you are in ROTC because there are numerous facilities for you to work out in and build yourself up so you can perform well in PT. Adjusting to the elevation is a huge part of how you perform at this University in ROTC so the sooner you adjust the better, but be careful you can get sick or feel weak when working out here at first. It is normal just don’t overdue it and you will be fine. A slow adjustment is better because you work up to it over time and you don’t get sick from it ūüėÄ

Whatever you like to do to stay in shape we can accommodate you here!!

ROTC Scholarships and Programs


Hello again, I am sure many students at one point or another have considered entering a branch of the military in order to help pay for educational costs. Reserve Officer Training Corps is certainly an excellent way to gain a degree and a career as an officer in a branch of the military services. ROTC is available on most campuses nationwide, not every campus will have every branch so you must choose a University depending on the branch you would like to enter.

Embry Riddle has two full ROTC detachments as well asan additional training program. These are Air Force ROTC, Army ROTC, and the Marine training called Platoon Leaders. Each of these programs can prepare you to follow a career in a military service and get you financial aid that will help you earn a degree. As some of our readers might know I am a sophomore cadet in the Air Force ROTC program.

Air Force ROTC

Competition for scholarships in Air Force ROTC can be difficult as a scholarship requires a good Physical Fitness score, a positive medical evaluation, a demonstration of leadership abilities through extracurricular activities and positions as well as letters of recommendation and at least a 3.0 GPA in high school. Other tests such as the SAT, ACT, AFOQT (Air Force Officer Qualifying Test) are taken into account when a student is being considered for a scholarship.


There are two scholarships available, each can vary in type and the amount awarded.

The first one is the in high school scholarship which is awarded to a graduating high school senior who intends to enter ROTC at the University of their chose and the second is an in college scholarship that is awarded to cadets who have continually displayed outstanding performance in their time as a cadet. If you are interested in joining Air Force ROTC straight out of high school I highly recommend applying for the high school scholarship during the fall semester of your Senior year. This is actually how I was awarded my scholarship, it can be a lot of work but, the scholarship is an enormous help if you are attending a four year university.

Platoon Leaders

Whatever you chose to pursue in the future I wish you great luck but, if you are interested in one of the programs I discussed I would be happy to answer any questions you might have, so please comment!

Also check out the Embry Riddle Prescott campus website for more information on each program. Thank you!!!