Back to the Grind

Getting back in to the new semester can have its struggles but it’s always nice jumping back into reality after a nice break. In this blog I will discuss some things that we all dread and some things that we look forward to when coming back to start another semester at Embry Riddle, Prescott campus.

When it comes to starting the new semester there will always be the thought of stress from the load of work you will be taking on, In the back of our mind. Everybody deals with stress differently, but the best way to deal with the new semester, especially if you just finished a rough one and need to work on your GPA, is to come back to school prepared. When you feel prepared and ready to take on your responsibilities you will have the upper hand, you will feel confident in your work. Confidence can play a big part in success.

After about the first week of break I had had enough of the lazy days with nothing productive to do. So naturally I was excited to come back and start my studies again. Of course I was excited to see my close friends again but nothing beats the feeling of being one step closer to getting a degree and a big kid job.

Another plus to starting a new semester at Embry-Riddle is the experiences you will get from it. Not only is it a college experience but you will meet people from all over the world, with different talents and different ways of thinking. Its a great way to open your connections and view the world in different eyes.

I wish everyone good luck with the New Year and new semester.

– Adam Olimski

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