The Heart of Prescott: Exploring Downtown

In this Vlog, Colton and his wife Madeline explore the sights and events offered by downtown Prescott as a popular destination for students. From old fashioned candy shops to lemonade stands, downtown Prescott offers something for everyone to enjoy. Check out the Vlog below!


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Prescott- Arizona’s Christmas City

Often regarded by many as “Arizona’s Christmas City”, Prescott sure does put on the holiday cheer around Christmas time every year.

December 6th started out as a pretty normal day for me. Got to sleep in until 10:30 a.m., with nothing on the agenda until my first final (physics) at 2:45 p.m. After a late breakfast/early lunch, I headed down to the post office. To my great joy, my new camera had finally been shipped to the school (my old camera’s fate involved a sketchy tripod, a cliff, and fortunate warranty service). After eagerly opening my Sony a6000, I asked my suitemate/best friend if he wanted to go downtown and play with my new camera. All seemed normal as we pulled out of the Embry-Riddle campus and headed down Willow Creek Rd. However, as we neared downtown the traffic began to be unusually thick for Prescott.

We knew something was up when we saw buses unloading at Chipotle. After driving through the shopping complex unsuccessfully searching for a parking spot, we opted to leave my truck at a nearby park. We began to realize that something big was going on as we spotted a high-school band warming up. It quickly hit us that we had arrived just in time to see the beginning of the annual Prescott Christmas Parade. And it seemed as if half of Arizona had come to enjoy the show as well.


The entirety of the Courthouse Square was covered with thousands of kids and adults alike lining the streets, eager to catch a glimpse of the grand parade.

And grand the parade was. Ranging from toddlers in too-large of cowboy outfits, to a dozen greyhounds tugging at their leashes, the parade offered a huge variety of entertainment and Christmas spirit.


One of my favorite parts of the parade was the section of Classic VW’sDSC00099

And then there’s the ‘cute’ section of the parade



After watching about an hour of the parade, I hurried back to the school to take my physics final (I think it went well!).

That night, I travelled back downtown to see the city courthouse lit up with Christmas lights for the first time in 2014. This event was just as busy with people as the parade, only this time everyone tried to fit into the courthouse square. Saying we were packed like sardines was an understatement, but luckily I had my extra tall tripod and was able to get some good shots of the beautiful building.

Waiting for lighting…DSC00145

And the Courthouse/surrounding 163 trees lit up in all their gloryDSC00165 DSC00168 DSC00169 DSC00171

Things to do Over Summer in Prescott AZ


When you don’t have a vehicle on campus it can get pretty boring after hours during the summer soooo find a friend with a car and check out Prescott or take a hike!! There are so many things you can do in Prescott for example……

The Dells are a beautiful rock formation next to Willow Lake just across from campus and they are a great place to hike, rock climb, canoe, have a picnic, ride a bike, run etc.

You can always go take a walk around Lynx Lake or have a picnic. There is a great little place up by the lake that has a fish fry deal on Friday nights, and man is it good!!!!

The Grand Canyon is not too far away and the drive is gorgeous!

The mall in town is fantastic and has all the big brand stores that we all love, that’s a great place to hang out and even get some food.

If you can’t get off campus then there’s also the Student Union which has all the latest video games, pool tables, shuffleboard, Foosball, and computer games as well!

The overall point is that there is a lot to do here in Prescott AZ, don’t be a stranger get involved in the community after all, you will want to know the town you may be living in for the next few years! It’s really a cooler place than you might realize at first 🙂

Spring is Finally Here!!


For those of you who have gotten a chance to put down the homework and take a walk outside you might have noticed how beautiful it is outside here in Prescott AZ. Spring has finally arrived as is evident by the greenery, flowers, and chirping birds. Spring is my favorite time of year and I have not seen a more amazing season than since I have been here at Embry Riddle. Living in the local area while going to school here is awesome because the whole town comes alive in Spring again.

The fairs start coming back into the square downtown, there are more opportunities to go hiking, biking, kayaking, and so much more!!! There is so much to do here in spring, and I highly encourage our prospective students to come on out here and tour the campus. In addition to that tour though, take some time to get to know the area. The area in which you choose to live while going to college is extremely important and not many students realize it until it is too late.

For example, when I moved here I knew Prescott would be wonderful because I had grown up in an area that is quite similar to Prescott. My transition into college life was not as hard because of this fact. So when you tour here, go see the sights, ask the locals about what they like to do in the area. Doing so will help you get a feel for the community as well as for the college. Well, with that said, I hope to see you here soon 🙂 Enjoy the Spring season!!

Campus Tours


For prospective students many colleges or Universities will offer a Campus tour so that the student may get a feel for the place that they may be living in for the next four years. Here on Embry-Riddle’s Prescott Campus the Admissions office staff and student employees (like me!!) work really hard to be sure that if you choose to tour our beautiful campus, that you have an enjoyable and rewarding experience.


Prescott Aerial View of Campus

When you first arrive on campus you will meet up with your tour guide in the Welcome center, which is building 41. It is pretty simple to find, just enter campus through the entrance with the electronic signboard and take the second right leaving the roundabout. You will immediately see the Welcome Center.


Once you are inside there may be a small wait and then you will be off on your tour to see the Freshman dorms, Dining hall, Wellness Center, King Engineering, Academic Complex, Laboratories in the AXFAB (Aerospace Experimentation and Fabrication Building), Wind Tunnel Labs, Jet Dragster Lab, Central Campus, Student Facilities, and the Hazy Library. If you are interested in doing Air Force or Army ROTC at Embry-Riddle then you will also be offered the opportunity to meet with representatives of one or both of the detachments on campus.for Aeronautical Science majors a tour of the Prescott campus’s flight line is also offered and can be taken in addition to the campus tour.

Campus Map

After your tour is complete you then have the opportunity to meet with your admissions counselor in order to cover any admissions questions you have about attending the University. Admissions counselors are located inside the Welcome Center as well as the offices of Financial Aid and Student employment so if you would like you may also look into discussing options for aid or employment with these offices after you have met with your counselor.

It may be a long and eventful day but, I can guarantee that this campus with fascinate you and that your visitor’s experience here at Embry Riddle Prescott has the potential to turn into a really fun and rewarding four years in pursuit of one of our unique majors.

Cockpit in Flight

If you would like to join us here for a day please visit our website and sign up for a campus tour. If you are unable to be here in person then I encourage you to take a virtual tour. Additional information on the campus can be found here. However way you visit we look forward to showing you our campus!!


Dining Options at Riddle

Hey there everybody. At our Preview day I heard a ton of questions about what Embry Riddle Prescott has to offer in the way of dining options for on campus students so I just thought it would be nice to discuss each one of these options with you!!

The Prescott campus has four dining options, the largest is Earharts Dining Hall, and then there’s, World of Wings (WOW), The Scholars Cafe, and finally a convenience store called Simply To Go. Ill talk about each one of these separately so you can get a better idea of what Prescott has to offer.

Earharts- The biggest dining facility on campus it is open all day until 9pm on weekdays and 7pm on weekends. Earharts serves, vegan, vegetarian, and meatlovers as well as gluten free, soy, and low fat options. Earharts is the best place to go in order to get some variety in your food choices and also to satisfy any dining limitations you might have.

They will also allow you to take food out in Recyclable boxes so that you can store food in the refrigerator that is provided for you in the dorms. Seating in Earharts is never lacking as well, there are high barstool type tables, booths, outdoor dining patios, group dining and single dining accommodations.

If you should ever need any other special accomadations while dining at Earharts then tthe staff will promptly help you out. They are all very friendly and efficent, several of them are even college students at Riddle!

World of Wings- Everyone on campus calls the WOW, they are a more fast food style resutrant which serves food to order. They will most commonly have soup, fried chicken, chicken wings, wraps, hamburgers, salads, and a few interesting specials from time to time.

My personal favorites are the fried chicken tenders, hamburgers, and salads. They are excellent!!! WOW is a great option and it is open during the same hours as the dining hall, so if you want to change up your eating habits stop on by WOW for some good food!

The Scholars Cafe- This is located in the library and easily visible as you come in through the doors. The cafe serves Starbucks coffee and pastries during normal bushiness hours, the ladies who work there are really sweet and can make a killer Caramel Macchiato 🙂

They offer black coffee, fraps, Chai Tea, regular tea, specialty coffee drinks, and soy substitutions. The pastries they have are really delicious as well; these are scones, muffins, cookies, brownies, and dessert bars.

In another case they offer additional drinks and food to purchase such as sandwiches, salads, breakfast burritos, fruit and vegetables, energy drinks, bottled water, juices, and milk. I love the service that they provide, especially because it is located in the library for when we are up late doing our studies!

Simply To Go- A convenience store style arrangement, this allows you to use your dining dollars ($ that is on your Eagle card, you have a certain amount each semester that the school gives you to buy additional food).

In the store they offer breakfast foods, icecreams, energy drinks, protein bars, chips, drinks, shampoo, etc etc. So basically anything you could ever need when you are stuck on campus and don’t have a ride to go to walmart with.

Another really fun fact before I begin is that your Eagle Dollars (on your Eagle Card) can transfer to numerous restaurants in the town of Prescott so if you need to get off campus but don’t have any cash then utilize this awesome perk!!

Whatever your preferences are for dining Embry Riddle Prescott can take care of you!! We look forward to seeing you here on campus and we hope you will enjoy trying out our dining facilities.

Winter in Prescott!

After the summer weather of +70 F, the next season to hit the campus is winter. Yes, I know that fall season should fall in between summer and winter, but it is more of a sharp transition.

The first snowfall here at ERAU was on November 18th. There was occasional snow in between then and the last week of November, but on December 1st, the clouds dumped snow by truckload. Most of the time, the snow does not stick and is mostly gone by noon the next day. However, the storm dropped temperatures enough (at least to 10 F) so that there is still snow over a week later! Here is a picture of snow over Prescott from my flight yesterday.

My group of friends and I went to the annual City of Prescott Tree Lighting Ceremony in downtown and the lights plus snow created the perfect winter wonderland image. Here is a picture of our group downtown!

And here are two pictures of the courthouse all lit up!

Hopefully we will get more snow because it puts you in a good mood for winter!