Settling Back in

After having an awesome summer break from school, it feels great to be back in Prescott, AZ at Embry-Riddle. My first year was awesome, although a relaxing summer break was most definitely in need its nice to be busy with school again.  After having a long break I feel much more prepared for school than my first year or even last semester. I can honestly say first semester especially is difficult only because it takes time to adjust and adapt to the new environment you are in.

Getting back in the role of things was pretty easy this year, maybe because I was getting slightly bored near the end of summer, longing for the school year to start. That may sound weird but it is true. Some great things about going to school at Embry-Riddle in Prescott are the people you meet.I have met people that have inspired me in may ways. It becomes very easy to adjust when you find people like that, mainly because you are all going through the same deal. Like studying the same materials or being homesick we all go through it especially here since most students are studying the art of Engineering.

This year I live on campus, in the upperclassmen dorms. There are ups and downs to living on campus. On the plus you can take naps in the middle of the day, and walk all of one minute to the gym, and being in a close proximity of a lot of your friends makes things easier. On the downside you are always on campus. You will go crazy if you do not keep yourself busy with other things besides school. I have to say that is the biggest part of going to school or living at school in general is keeping you’re self distracted with other things. It helps you stay motivated in the middle of the year.

But back to settling in, the first year may seem somewhat crazy but the time management skills come in time, some sooner then others, it took me almost a full year. When you learn to use your time wisely, life as a college student becomes much more enjoyable. That is all I have for this blog, let me know if you have any questions.

Cash Flow For College Students

Hello there readers, if you are a concerned college parent or student worried about having a little extra cash to spend on food or hobbies or just spending too much then you are reading the right blog. In this blog i will go over some great ways to earn money at a reasonable rate and some great college spending advice.

For a personal preference I enjoy working and having at least some spending cash or savings money so I saved up over the past summers but once school came around i hit a dead end, I was spending with not even little amounts of income (besides my parents that is). So once I realized how much I was spending on food and weekend activities I began to invest in looking for an on campus job at Embry-Riddle as well as learning to spend my money wisely.  So here are some tips:

For spending:

1)  When going to the grocery store make a list of all the things you need, that way you have a goal or else you will just be wandering around buying stuff and spending a bit more then you think.

2)  Try to eat healthy, I know it sounds weird but the more you eat sugary junk food the more you will crave it and therefore the more you will spend on it so try to cut it back.

3)  Next is the activity spending/shopping. Again making and using a list of the essentials or wants at least making a list in your head for the purpose you are shopping for is best. It will help keep your mind from wandering and spending cash left and right.

4)  try to hold group events like if you want to go somewhere that takes gas money, if you have enough people going the cost can be very minimal.

Jobs in college:

1)  If you are concerned about not having a job in school, well don’t worry you have plenty of on campus opportunities waiting for you. Schools are normally very open to students working on campus. Most of the time students will have time to work and go to school. (I am talking spending cash or travel money not a normal income that can pay your bills although there are some people who can do that.

2) From personal experience i would get by one or even a half semester before taking on the responsibilities of school and a job just to get the feel of your school work schedule, that is if you are new to school.

3) Summer/Seasonal employment opportunities! Take advantage of them. I gathered myself a large sum of money just from one summer of work and it didn’t take to much effort. Plus it looks good on a resume.

4)  Lastly, Interns! Get involved, not all interns pay but if you find one that does they pay exceptionally well.

Thanks for reading, let me know of any questions.