Christmas is coming up fast!


We all know that as soon as Thanksgiving is over people nationwide will hit the stores in the gifting rush of Christmas. So, the question is how do you find the perfect gift? Well, I always like to think of a persons interests, so for girls i always get jewelry because us girls like things that glitter no matter who they are. For guy friends I always get them something useful, like food, a scarf, gloves..etc. Guys can be really hard to shop for lol.

For my parents I often go with chocolates because there’s not much that they want that a college student can afford ha-ha. Well, its that reason and parents are even harder to shop for because most of the time they say that they have everything and that they don’t want a gift. so chocolates or college T shirts are the route I always take 🙂

Lets see for best friends I always get something kinda cheesy or at least something that reminds them of all the ridiculousness of high school.

Soooooooo for whoever you will be shopping for I hope that these tips/ideas help and good-luck!! Merry Christmas!!!!


Thanksgiving Plans









We know that a lot of students do not get to go home for Thanksgiving for their first year in college so here at Embry Riddle we try our best to ensure that our students have somewhere to go. For instance, the dining hall offers a Thanksgiving dinner for students who are here on campus, sometimes professors open their homes to students as well.

Seniors and other students who live off campus often will have all their friends over for dinner, and those who live nearby also bring friends home with them for the evening. All in all, it is holidays that show the community spirit that has developed here at Embry Riddle Prescott. We try are best to make everyone feel welcome and at home for the time that they are taking courses at our campus. And for those of us who have been here and have seen it many times we are proud to say that we come from Embry Riddle, and we care for our fellow students.

We invite you to apply and take part in our community here at Riddle, we will be more than happy to welcome you in!!! See you next year!!!

Holiday Travel

No matter how you will be getting home for Thanksgiving this year, the most important part of traveling is safety. I know we all hear this every year but, it is still essential to practice safety as you make your way home this holiday season.

So some things to look out for if you are driving are:

1. Driving late at night/tired

2. Ice on the road or bad weather conditions

3. Vehicle maintenance issues- before you head out check your oil, brakes, coolant….etc.

If you happen to be flying home:

1. Print your boarding passes and arrive at the airport early!!

2. Do not leave your items unattended EVER

3. Don’t be too friendly with strangers….yes we have heard this a million times but it still applies!!!

If you are just going down the road or across town:

1. Be aware of driving conditions

2. Do not rush, its better to get there late and in one piece than not at all…..

And of course no matter how you travel use your common sense. The main idea is to have a wonderful holiday and come back safe!!! On that note, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!!