Tobacco Free Campus Starts in Prescott


Effective as of August 1st, all of Embry Riddle’s campus’s will be going completely tobacco free. This is a major change for some students however, there will be aid available to those who smoke or would like to quit using tobacco products as we all adjust to the new policy. We will be joining over 600 other college campus’s in the nation that have made the decision to go tobacco free in order to ensure the health of their students, faculty, and staff.

Many students agree that this policy is the right thing to do, a sophomore student Juan G. states that “The tobacco policy indeed should improve the environment of the campus into a more social place by allowing students who do not smoke to interact with those who do/used to smoke. As students who smoke and students who do not often remain in separate groups, this policy will break down that barrier.”

It is everyone’s hope that the transition for all students will go positively, if you are a tobacco user and you would like additional help in abstaining from the use of tobacco products there will be help available to you. The official news release sites sources for help which are also located here. For tobacco cessation in Prescott click here, for Daytona Beach click here. Thank you, for reading and complying with our new policy.