Granite Mountain Fire Fighters

As some of you might know we had a tragedy strike the town of Prescott very recently with the passing of 19 of our own firefighters during the battle against the Yarnell Wildfire. Yesterday the men were returned home to their families with honor as a funeral procession brought them through the center of Prescott. Some of the images that were captured can be found here as well as a news report on the proceedings.

A memorial will be held at Tim’s Toyata Center today, July 9, 2013, with Vice President Joe Biden in attendance. The memorial is not open to the public however, news coverage will be shown of the event. Please be respectful of the families and friends of those who have fallen by allowing the memorial to be a private event. You may watch the coverage from home but, please refrain from trying to enter the memorial service.

For more information on this topic please keep checking the local news and remember to continue showing the firefighters and their families the honor and respect that they deserve. Thank you!