Blog 1/29/09
It’s getting a couple weeks into the semester now and classes are great. I’m really enjoying Dr. Henner’s Global Crime and International Justice Class. I’m actually getting ready to take part in a new program opening up here at Embry-Riddle. Starting next semester the GSIS degree program will be adding Pre-Law as an area of concentration for students who are interested in Law School. Once I graduate with this area of concentration I will be applying to Columbia and Stanford Law School to get my masters in International Law. For some prospective students, this program could be a selling point.
So what else is going on here on campus? Today we had a campus bon fire. The school puts together a big event with food, a huge fire and even a DJ. All of us students had a great time hanging out with our friends while freezing in the 28 degree weather. Spring break is coming up soon; everyone has all sorts of plans. Some of the GSIS students are heading out to Washington D.C. with Professor Baker. They have all sorts of tours and presentations available from agencies like the CIA, DIA and the Dept of State. I have applied for a scholarship to take part in this program. If selected I know we will all have a great time.
Well, I’m not going to lie; classes are becoming more and more difficult. I’m enrolled in all Junior and senior classes this semester. I can count on anywhere between 3-4 hours of homework a night, but the positive side is that all the homework is specialized and very specific to my interests. So if you’re thinking about the GSIS program, don’t worry, even know there a lot of homework, the time goes by quickly and painlessly. Well I’m getting ready to take off to CA to hit the surf for the weekend. Untill next time!
Brett Watts

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