Nearing the end of my Senior year!

Hi everyone, as you may already know, my name is Cassandra Logan- (You may call me Cassie if preferred), I’m attending Embry-Riddle in Fall 2009 to major in Aeronautical Science. I am currently going to Desert Hot Springs High School, located in So-Cal near Palm Springs. We are also the Golden Eagles and our colors are blue and gold!!! It was destiny 😉

I actually found out about ERAU September 2008 thanks to my high school. My plan before was to attend the Air Force Academy, but as soon as I learned about ERAU my heart was settled. It felt like a hug boulder was lifted off my shoulders now that I knew where I wanted to go for sure. I was always afraid I wouldn’t find my dream college, so I just settled for an academy I knew that could take me where I wanted to go, but then I was blessed with finding my dream college. Trust me, when it gets to the time where you need to find a college that suits you, you will know which one to choose, it will just feel right- go with your heart and instincts.

So, I found where I wanted to go, but I had to find a way to pay for it. I worked my booty off and filled out as many scholarships as possible and FAFSA gave me A LOT of money. Even ERAU gave me a few grants. One was for my high G.P.A that I kept throughout high school. (Being a 4.13 right now I believe, but it’s going up since I aced my Calculus AP class) YAY! Anyways, at this moment I’m only $2,000 short of what I need for the first year and I’m still waiting to hear from a $5,000 scholarship! I’m keeping my fingers crossed and I’ll definitely post a blog when I hear something!

So I have about 3 days of school left. It is crazy! I just finished going to all these award banquets and I still have a couple more to go to in order to receive my scholarships. On top of school and all these appointments, I work as a lifeguard for Knott’s Soak City. It’s a lot of fun, but it gets very hot! I also flew to Phoenix just recently to go to Prom with my boyfriend, that was great. (I have pictures)

My senior year has been awesome, but sad and stressful at the same time. Although it’s a lot of hard work, it definitely pays off in the end. I remember how much I kicked myself for filling out scholarship applications instead of going out with friends, but when I was chosen as a winner I now know it was worth it! It’s stressful to find money and finish homework, but keeping yourself organized is a big help. It’s also sad when you realize all the people you will leave behind, but at the same time, it’s still worth it- living out on your own and living your own dreams!

I have more things to discuss, such as graduation coming up next Wednesday, and my finals due tomorrow, but I think I can blog about it tomorrow since it’s about 11pm. he he.

It’s been nice talking to you, I hope my advice can somehow help you get through your senior year! Have any questions you can always write to me, I’m here to help. Take care!



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The main advice I have for incoming GSIS students is that you got to brush up on your history and current events. Start reading and writing more, so you can begin to enjoy it. And do NOT procrastinate, it could cost you your grade. This major is a lot of fun, and there is a little something for everyone. Personally, I love psychology the most.

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