Busy Busy Week

Exams are over!  Or so I thought until our calculus teacher told us we have another one next Thursday, a mere two weeks after our first calc exam.  Last week I had tests for matlab and physics, which went pretty well.  It gets confusing during the week when you have homework due dates all over the calendar.  Some assignments are due Tuesday in class, some due Wednesday to the teacher’s office by 4 pm, etc.  Wednesday is also my first ROTC test on basic knowledge…this weekend has been trying to cram in the last bits of information for that.

Last Saturday was the ropes course, which was cool.  I was bummed we didn’t get to use the climbing tower, but what we did was fun.  They had obstacle courses about 15 and 30 feet in the air.  Of course, everyone did the higher one which consisted of walking on a wire while holding on to an unbalanced rope with a partner, jumping from hanging platforms, and walking with your partner across an unstable bridge.  The last event that people could do was a rope swing.  After climbing 30 feet in the air on a pole, the swinger was hooked up to two ropes and after jumping off the platform, they swung back and forth for a while.  Most people did it upside down too.  Right as we were leaving, it started pouring rain; I’m not sure if the groups after us got to go up or not.

This week, our video game addiction level increased dramatically.  I think I wrote a couple posts back that we always played Nintendo 64 Super Smash Brothers.  I was mistaken with the word always; this week someone brought a Game Cube with Super Smash Bros. Melee.  The game console was on for at least 12 hours/day with various people playing.  Most of the people who were good on the N64 had to rethink their strategy because some of the characters in Melee had different strengths from their older counterparts.  A lot of us were also playing Halo ODST which came out late last week.  It’s a really cool game with some neat new features.

Yesterday was the all day production of the school newspaper, Horizons.  I do graphic design for them and I think yesterday I made about 6 or so graphics.  They’ll be in the issue when it comes out on Tuesday.  If you do not attend Embry Riddle and would like to see the newspaper, you can read the stories online at http://www.eraunews.com/ and if you’d rather see the print version, a pdf is available for download at the bottom of the left-hand side navigation bar.

When I got back from work last night, we all relaxed while watching Bad Boys 2, which I highly recommend if you haven’t seen it.

Below is a panorama and another picture I made from the sunset pictures I mentioned last week:


I photoshopped in the background text and cross

I photoshopped in the background text and cross

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