my classes so far

Hey everyone.  I was sitting around thinking and I realized that I have not talked much about my classes here at Embry!  It all started the first week here that my schedule began to take shape.  I had signed up to take four classes: Psychology, Microeconomics, Chinese I, and GSIS 100.  The weekend before classes began I had the opportunity to meet Diane Kelm, who was awesome at helping me figure out my classes and add one more for the semester.  I decided to add Dr. Bloom’s Personality and Profiling course.

After being in class for about three days, I realized that my schedule had a few flaws.  First of all, I had four classes on Monday and Wednesday, only one class on Tuesday and Thursday, and three on Friday.  Having four classes was not my first preference, but I knew if I had to, I could tough through it.  My second problem was the fact that on Tuesday and Thursday, I did not have class until 1:25 p.m.!  If I kept this class as my only class on those days, I knew I would just waste all of that time sleeping and I would not be able to get any productive work done.  My last issue was that on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday my first class was at 8 a.m.  I was not ready for this and by Wednesday morning, I was already contemplating skipping classes.  I drug myself out of bed and attended, but I knew that something needed to be changed.

I went to talk to my good friend Diane once more about my feelings of my schedule.  I explained to her that I was having trouble with such a lop-sided schedule and I wanted to know if I could change it around.  My first choice was to drop my 8 a.m. class.  When I brought this up, I had to immediately defend myself against being seen as just a lazy freshman.  I told Diane that I wanted to drop one of my classes off of the four-day schedule and add a new class on Tuesday/Thursday to make up for it.  My justification for dropping the 8 a.m. class was that I needed psychology because I am considering it as a minor, I had taken microeconomics just the previous semester at high school, and I needed to start Chinese a.s.a.p. because I wanted to take as many years of it as I could.  This left the 8 a.m. class as the odd-man-out, and so it was dropped.

After contemplating on all of the other classes I could be taking on Tuesday and Thursday (including English, management, history, and biology) I decided to take English because I had also just taken an AP English course at high school the previous year.  And so my schedule was saved!  I now had 3 classes on Monday/Wednesday and 2 on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday!

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