Zombie Apocalypse and Good Times at the ERAU Campus

This past week, our school was turned into a huge warzone.  Zombies, with their headband bandanas, and humans armed with Nerf guns and balled up socks, with bandanas around their arms, prowled the campus.  Everywhere you looked, someone was either running after someone or being shot with a Nerf bullet.  It was SOOOO.  Much.  Fun!!  The rules: zombies try to get as many “kills” as they possibly can, so they don’t starve.  (Zombies starve after forty eight hours without a kill.)  Humans try to avoid zombies at all costs, but if they happened to be attacked, they were allowed to shoot or throw socks at the zombies, stunning them for fifteen minutes.  I felt like I should have been in an action movie, with the way everyone was strategizing and ninja-rolling and shooting!  At the end of the second day, unfortunately, my very own teammate Shaw tagged me!  She was the original zombie, spreading the “infection” everywhere she went.  It was so fun to be a zombie though!  For one, I wasn’t scared out of my socks (literally) whenever I walked around campus, and two, all the zombies strategized and coordinate to try to get the remaining humans as they came out of class and Chartwell’s.  It got INTENSE.  Overall, it was a great way to get to know people and relieve stress right before finals! 


Here are about twenty zombies waiting outside a math classroom for one human.  I’m the one on the cement to the left who is standing on the sidewalk, arms crossed, waiting to pounce on her prey.  Hehe.  Unfortunately, after an hour of waiting for this kid (since we weren’t allowed to tag him inside), he escaped as our backs were turned.  So, super-ninja-human guy, kudos to you.  Touche.

That was one of the best times that I’ve had at Riddle, and it is probably going to be a semesterly thing.  So any of you prospective students out there reading this, make sure you come prepared! 🙂

This past weekend, after the humans won the game, I went to the comedian and then dinner with my friends Teri, Will, Chris, Andrew, Gianna, Tony, and John.  We went to Bill’s Pizza on Whiskey Row, and had a blast.  We then decided to go see a movie afterwards, so we decided to go see “The Losers”.  I thought that it was a pretty good movie.  That was a good night!  The next day, my institute was having a BBQ and kickoff for summer at Watson Park.  We had water balloons, capture the flag, ultimate frisbee, and more games!  It was a BLAST!   The weather was beautiful, so afterwards, my friends Katie and Tyler and I all went and hiked some of the rocks there at Watson Lake.  The view was amazing, and we weren’t the only ones who decided a nice little hike would be fun.  The rocks were teeming with students who wanted to just get out.


Here are the Dells at Watson Lake.  Beautiful, right?  And we went at sundown.  Perfect timing.  <3

Many movies with best friends and many fun activities later (dang, I’ve done a lot since Saturday!), I’m sitting in my room trying to put off studying for my finals, which at this point, I really can’t avoid anymore.  So until next time, adieu!

“Friendship isn’t a big thing- it’s a million little things.”

-Author Unknown

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