Blacklight Volleyball

This past week has been extremely hectic, what with finals, studying, cramming like I’ve never done before, and of course… BLACKLIGHT VOLLEYBALL!  One of the fraternities on campus, Pi Kappa Phi, held their first annual Blacklight Volleyball Tournament to help raise funds for the Push America foundation, a charitable organization that was founded by a Pi Kappa Phi alumni.  Some girls on my school volleyball team and I decided to have a go at it, so we created a team called “Neon Phenomenon.”  We decorated our white shirts with puffy paint and glow-in-the-dark business and went to the activity to have a great time and meet new people.  There were probably seven or eight teams that showed up to play.  Pi Kappa Phi had transformed the Activity Center into a blacklight and glow-in-the-dark party zone!  All the lights that were on were glowing purple, and there was nothing visible save the net (decorated with glow-in-the-dark streamers and stars), white t-shirts, and the highlighting graffiti that were all over everyone’s arms and faces.


Here’s a glimpse of what it looked like!


Anna, Kelsey, and I in our killer uniforms (in which we won the costume contest!!).

You can’t tell, but we wrote “Neon Phenomenon” on the front with our “numbers” on the back.  Since all the rest of my team are engineers and meteorologists, they thought it’d be cool to make our numbers math signs.  Anna was pi, Kelsey was infinity, Sylvia was i (imaginary), Shaw was some binary number, Mahlet was a whole freaking equation that equalled seven, and I was mu.  Hahaha.  Only at Riddle….


D kept score on a fancy lit up board.


And of course, people just came to watch and dance.  Teri and Gianna came, and it was nice of them to cheer for our team! 🙂

That was a great way to start off finals week.  The day after that, Friday, I spent twelve hours in the library to get ready for Saturday.  It was an insanely long day, obviously!  But I think I did well on my finals, both on Saturday and yesterday, so I’m ready to get my last two out of the way today so I can pack up my room and clean out our dorm!  Summer’s almost here, baby!

“Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact.”

-William James

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