Trekking to Atlanta

I finally made it to Atlanta. Its Sunday afternoon and I am exhausted. I left Denver Friday afternoon and spent a couple of days on the road. I really liked spending the night in Salina, KS but not so much in Nashville, TN (I’ll explain why later).

So I left my house a little nostalgic and scared because I was heading to the unknown on my own. This was the longest drive I had ever done alone. I knew that the drive was not going to be a problem. What I was more nervous for was arriving in Atlanta to my new home for the next 12 weeks and then working at Delta. Anyways, I have always hated driving through Kansas because it is such a flat land full of farms and nothing else. It’s a good thing that I left that late because I didn’t want to look at that nothingness. Instead I got to see a lot of darkness with a starry night while blasting my music and signing along like people do in the shower (you know how there is a lot noise that you don’t really hear yourself so you think that you sound really good? That sort of singing). It was like that the entire way to Salina until It was approaching 11pm and I needed to sleep. I’m glad I made it that far and that my newly made mix for the trip was keeping me entertained and awake.

Woke up the next morning early and continued my journey to Atlanta. I stayed mainly on I-70 and until St. Louis where I had to change roads but I got to drive next to the Gateway Arch! I wanted to stop but didn’t want to be that creepy, loner guy enjoying that sights alone. I didn’t feel like being a looser, lol. I did take a picture on my phone so check it out below! Sorry if it’s blurry. Kind of did it while I was driving and it wasn’t the safest thing but hey, I’m always up for a challenge and it was fun. Don’t worry Doug, I’m not encouraging our incoming or current students to drive and take pictures (I say this so I don’t get in trouble with the blogging thing), lol.

Anyways, I continued on and asked myself, “Is this gonna last forever?” like the kid on the video of him after his visit to the dentist. “Is this real life?” Sorry had to throw that one in there, haha. The trip was beginning to get redundant and I was about to drive myself off a cliff or bridge until Superman saved me. I kid you not Superman did save me!

I was driving a little after sundown during civil twilight (for all you pilots that are or need to get familiar with the term) and I saw a giant billboard saying, “GIANT SUPERMAN STATUE, Take exit (whatever number it was) towards Metropolis.” I was in shock! I had seen on the History Channel (yes I watch it, don’t judge) something about a town called Metropolis who had a bunch of Superman stuff like a museum, souvenir shops, and yes a giant Superman statue, but I never thought about it again let alone if I was going to see it during my drive. It was getting dark and I wanted to make it to Nashville fast but I didn’t care, I took a 10-mile detour just to see this with my own eyes. I finally got there and there it was, standing tall next to Town Hall looking over its proud citizens of this fine Town of Metropolis. I took a picture and sent it to my little brother and then called him and talked about it. I was pretty excited and silly, little brother just laughed at me but was a little jealous (you are probably laughing at how dumb I seem to be but hey, at least I brightened up your day). In the end Superman did save me from death by boredom.

Superman Statue

Superman Statue

So when I got over my Superman diversion (another pilot term), I resumed own navigation (that’s two in one sentence) towards Nashville. I got a coupon book from a rest stop and found a hotel for $30 a night, so I made it into Nashville and began to look for this hotel. It was in one of the shadiest places that I have ever been. I got to get a room but it was sold out, which was ok because it was a weird place anyways. I drive around and went to two other hotels but those were sold out also. The only hotel open in the area was one a couple of doors down form the shady hotel. This was not much different. I get a room, which cost me like $65, which is insane, and quickly closed the curtains and locked myself in. I seriously thought that I would hear a gunshot or something. Gladly nothing happened and the next day, I woke up and hightailed it out of there toward Atlanta.

I finally made it to my ATL home and already figured out where Delta Headquarters is at so I know how to get to work tomorrow. But I wanna share how awesome this place is! I drove into the neighbor and dropped my jaw. It is 30 minutes south of the airport in this area surrounded by trees, little lakes/ponds and nice houses with huge yards! I could not believe that this will be the place that I was going to be living at for then next 12 weeks. I pulled into the driveway and was amazed by the house. It’s a nice humble house but it has trees all over and a nice porch. I walked inside and went to my future (now current) room and dropped my jaw even lower. It is a huge room with a full size bed and everything. I love it! (It’s better than the room that I have back home in Denver but don’t tell my parents that).

Delta EntranceFrom drivewayHouse!BackyardSuperman Statue

Anyways, I’m all settled in and now its time to sleep. Big day tomorrow, really nervous and all but I’m sure I’ll do fine. Wish me luck! Until then Kawabonga my friends! (If you don’t get the phrase Kawabonga, go jump out of an open window. It comes from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles who where the badasses of cartoons! I liked Michaelangelo best by the way, lol. Later!)

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