First day at Delta

Today was my first day at Delta. I must say, it was like any regular first day at any company except this one had something else. It had aviation professionals who were welcoming us scared little interns to a monster of a company like Delta. Seriously, every person I met today was excited that we were there. It was interesting! Here was the Vice President of Flying Operations, and Chief Pilot (they are the same person at Delta), welcoming us “aboard” and wishing us luck during our limited time here. I was and still am really excited!

As far as work went, I didn’t really do much. I need my log in information, my employee number, and my badge to be able to do anything. So I pretty much sat and walked around meeting some cool people.

The best thing that I did was get into a Level D FTD. That’s a full motion simulator! We flew the 737-800 testing out an arrival into LAX. The old intern showing us how to fly it was pretty cool. He was programming the Flight Management Computer to fly the specific arrival but he couldn’t figure a specific waypoint or how to enter it. That’s when I stepped in. I was a little reluctant since it was my first day but I’m glad I spoke up. I remembered what I learned this past semester in my FMS class at ERAU and was able to show the other interns on how to use the FMS a little. I felt pretty good and the other intern was impressed. I did show off a bit, which felt good and a little awkward but oh well, the job got done! Lol.

Anyways, I got to go to bed. Got home kind of late since I had to do some grocery shopping and it is a 25 miles drive to work. I will write soon! Bye!

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