Czech Republic

Hello everybody, currently as I am typing I am sitting on an Airbus A330 flying from Atlanta, Georgia all the way to Amsterdam. My journey began approximately 7 hours ago when we departed John Wayne airport in Southern California on a Boeing 737 all the way to Atlanta Georgia. Now we are on our way to Amsterdam, and finally from Amsterdam we will fly in a Fokker 70 to our final destination Prague, Czech Republic. I sure am excited to land because I was promised by the Lead Flight attendant along with the Captain that I would be able to go into the cockpit of the A330 and talk with the pilots for a little. Seems like a great opportunity to me especially since I have so many questions about the general aviation world and how it operates in other parts of the world such as Europe. Well my laptop is below 6% battery life and it is about to die, I will continue my blog as soon as I can get to an outlet. So it is now Friday night approximately 11:45 at night meaning it is 2:45 in the afternoon in California. We just got back to my aunt’s and uncle’s house where will remain until tomorrow morning. A couple hours after my laptop died we landed in Amsterdam and I went to the cockpit of the A330 and I spoke with the pilots. After speaking with them I was really upset with myself because the Fo (First Officer) aboard told me that I should have been much more sneaky when I asked the flight attendant to speak with them. He also said that if I would have straight up told her that I have my Pilot’s Certificate and will be attending Embry Riddle this fall that I could have went up to the cockpit in flight and stayed for landing!!!!!!!!!!!!! They have 4 seats in the cockpit and on our flight there were only 3 people in there. Apparently they have interns with them from time to time and they do not mind having another person in the cockpit. I was really surprised because I never would have thought that this would be a possibility with all the homeland security regulations, I always thought that because of national security purposes it would be impossible. Oh well, I will just have to try on my way back from the Czech Republic. Currently I am in a little city called Jablonec Nad Nisou, it is located in the north eastern part of Czech Republic. It is up by the Polish border and the German border is just northwest of us and not too far either. My mom, dad, cousin, aunt, uncle, and I just got back from a walk around town and it just reminded me how beautiful this country really is. Tonight we will be sleeping here at my aunt’s and uncle’s house and tomorrow we are heading out to watch the Bohemia Rally race. It is a 3 day race that runs throughout the Czech Republic through little towns and villages and catches everybody’s attention. It is late here and I am going to sleep I will continue my blog later this week.

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