Czech Republic 2

It is a half past  4 o’clock on a Friday afternoon. I did not have an opportunity to write my blog until now. I have been busy all week and now I have been stuck in a car for more than 2 hours with at 2 more to go. We are headed from the northeastern part of Czech Republic to the very northwestern part of the Czech Republic. There are delays everywhere and it seems that there is not one street here that is not being repaired or repaved, which is why this car ride is taking forever. My 5 week journey here is going by really quick, I cannot believe that I have been here for a week already. We have done so much, visited so many places, seen so many friends and family it seems impossible to do so much in one week. Anyways this week did go by quick, Saturday in the afternoon my uncle and his buddy took me to go watch the Bohemian Rally. It was so different than any race we have back home, for the rally they literally block off roads that lead throughout towns and the cars race based off of time. It is so crazy because you have cars screaming through little neighborhoods and everybody is in their backyards drinking their beer, yelling, and cheering all the cars on. Most people always stand by sharp turns because every now and then you always get a couple cars that drift and sometimes we see cars lapping each other when someone burns out or drifts too much. Another great experience was hiking to the top of the tallest point in the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic cannot compare to the mountains which we have here back home, the tallest peak in the whole country is 1603 meters and it is called Snezka. It sure is one of the most beautiful places in all of Europe. It is also a beautiful hike dragging you through parts of Poland and right along the Polish border for most of the 26 Kilometer hike. At the end the hike is worth every Kilometer.  Right now I am waiting for my mom, dad, aunt and grandma because they went to the grocery store to buy some food for tomorrow. Tonight at 6 o’clock we are going to this pub/restaurant with about 15 family members so I am excited to see all of my aunts, uncles, cousins, grandmas, grandpas, and everybody else. Tomorrow morning I am leaving and am going to a camp for 2 weeks with all of my friends from the Czech Republic. It is the last time I will see my parents until I arrive at LAX on August 5th. My parents are here only for 2 weeks and then have to return back home because of work. Well anyways this will be the last time I write my blog until I return from camp I am not taking my laptop with me because there is no source of electricity at the camp, it is in the middle of nowhere approximately 15 kilometers from the German border. Tomorrow’s train ride will last about 3 hours but I couldn’t be more excited, every year we go to this camp we always have experiences and memories we will remember for the rest of our lives. When I get back in two weeks I will write all about my experiences.

Sunset at the lake in Czech Republic

I love my homeland 🙂

Cesky Raj also known as Czech Paradise

Mommy and Daddy 🙂

Messing around with my mom haha

Trosky in the background


Krkonese are the tallest mountains in the Czech Republic

My mom and I

Polish Teritory

Always nice to chill on top of the tallest point in the Czech Republic 🙂

Half way to the top

Uncle, Dad, Me, Aunt, and Mom

My Great Grandma's happiness when she sees us is the most valuable thing to me.

My grandma's balcony view beats everyone's view 🙂

Me and my illegal Knife (Well according to California's standards haha)

Trying to figure out what was flying above us with my grandpa 🙂

Airplanes!!! 😀

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