My Disastrous trip to California part 1

This last weekend was supposed to be a great trip away from reality, but instead it was just a further trip inside of realism. 🙁

It all started on Wednesday, October 6th…I had an urge to go home to California to see my family and have some time away from Prescott. I asked my roommate/best friend if she was up to it and she totally agreed! So, we decided Thursday we would head out right after our classes. (We both don’t have classes on Friday). I went to Macroeconomics in the morning and my best friend went to her sociology class in the morning. She had a test and completed it very quickly. After her test she came and met me at school. We had lunch together (grilled cheese and chips) and then she went to my Deceptions class with me. She enjoyed it, even rose her hand and participated. After that, she was a little reluctant to join me in my accounting class, but she decided she had nothing else better to do…so we sat next to each other and listened to the lecture. After classes we went back to the apartment and got all our stuff together. I mailed my ex his birthday card with a farewell letter and we went on our way to California. We headed towards the back way of the mountains~ AZ-89. We had a lot of fun looping down around the mountain. Then we hit another set of mountains that had the most beautiful view, especially since the sky was such a gorgeous color with the sun starting to hit the horizon. It was amazing! After that we were on the US-60 headed towards the I-10, but then my car started acting funny 🙁  The RPMs starting spiking up and down. I knew it was a bad sign so I pulled over and when I tried to restart the car, it would just “click”. It was not fun that evening. We left the apartment around 4pm and we got AAA to tow us with my card and my sisters friend’s card. We were first towed to Blythe, CA and then to Palm Desert, CA. From there, my brother-in-law, sister, and her friend, Kim picked my roommate and I up and towed my car all the way to my cousin’s shop. They dropped it there and Danica and I went to my sister’s and brother-in-law’s place to spend the night. We arrived at their house at 4AM! Can you believe that?! Such craziness. The next morning we all woke up very late in the day. (Except my brother who had work at 5am, he didn’t get to sleep until her got off around 5pm).

My sister went to an appointment she had and afterwards took Danica and I to my grandma’s house. Once we got there we played some WII and found out that my cousin replaced the battery in my car, since it was old. My sister took us to pick up my car and it was running very great. We had dinner and then my sister went home. So, Friday was almost a lost day, sleeping many hours away and once we had dinner we were so mentally exhausted we went upstairs and just relaxed the rest of the time.

It’s weird how days seem to blend together and you forget what you have done, but Saturday seemed to past so quickly until around 3pm. Danica and I left to Palm Springs area (grandma lives in Fontana, Sister is in Upland). We met a friend of ours who got 3 free tickets to a basketball game in Indian Wells. It was the Phoenix Suns versus the Dallas Mavericks. Of course I was rooting for our Suns!!! We all went to the gardens and they had fun booths set up to try free samples and play games. It was entertaining. At 6:30 pm the game started. We had 2nd to last top row seats, it was a lot of fun. I have never been to a basketball game, and this one was an out door one, how exciting! The Suns won of course 🙂  The woman who sang the national anthem completely messed up, it was quite embarrassing. There is a video on You tube. It only shows the National Anthem song in the first minute of the video, but it’s there. She also messed up the last word and said “Free” again, instead of “brave”. National Anthem mess up.

I will post up the pictures of the game and finish the rest of the story … It doesn’t get much better 😉  haha.

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