California Here I Come!!!

Now that I sit down to write my blog it makes me realize how long it has been since my last post. From going to class, to studying, to being involved with the Jet Dragster Team, to pledging a Fraternity, to learning how to manage my time in an organized manor, I have been so busy these past couple weeks. When I first found out that Friday October 15th was mid-semester break I immediately decided to go back home for the weekend since I have not been back in approximately 2 months now. On Thursday October 14th after class I took a shuttle down to phoenix and from there I caught the 6 o’clock flight with Southwest into LAX. When I arrived in LA my parents were waiting for me and after seeing me for the first time in 2 months they were happy and excited. That night we all went out to eat at El Torrito and relaxed back home after a couple friends stopped by to say hi. Friday was a great day I had the opportunity to go to the Kennedy vs. Cypress football game where I hung out with my friends from high school. The Kennedy vs. Cypress football game is one of the biggest football games every single year because both schools are rivals. To add to that both teams were undefeated so it was an intense game. Having graduated from Kennedy of course I wanted Kennedy to win alongside with all of my friends. Afterwards everybody went to innout which is pretty much the hang out spot in my area. It was a great night and I was excited to see all of my friends again! Saturday morning was pretty rough getting up because I was so tired but it was worth it because we had to set up for a party that we had later that night. It was really cool being home this weekend because it was my grandmas birthday, my moms birthday, and my birthday all within a 2 week period so we had the opportunity to celebrate. Then Sunday morning I flew back to Prescott with Great Lakes on a Beechcraft 1990, it was a pretty cool flight especially since the plane sits only 19 people and you can see the pilots in the cockpit the whole time. It sure was a great time chilling back home but when I got back to campus and my friends picked me up from the airport I was so happy to see them and in all honesty I have to say I missed my friends from Riddle. It was a great weekend, I definitely needed it to relax and get my mind off of school for a change.

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