Coming back to the Spring Semester

So it is that time of year where I have to return to Embry-Riddle for school. This will be my last semester and I am so glad that the classes I have are going to be for the most part easy but very interesting and enjoyable. These include my last 2 Air Traffic Control labs, Airline Crew Operations, and Personality and profiling. I am also going to be doing my Certified Flight Instructor license with the hope of being hired at ERAU as an instructor pilot.

As you know, I had to drive back from Denver, CO. It’s not a bad drive, only 12-14 hours. I got back to Prescott and found out that 3 pipes had burst in my house flooding half of it. The leasing company had been working on it but it is not done in time for school. So for now, I have to shack up with a friend of mine.

That’s one thing I want to emphasize about ERAU. There are so many great people here that you will meet and be friends for life. As soon as I told my friends about my house, at least 3 people offered their place to me. Everyone is so willing to get out of the way to help you that it still┬ámakes me feel welcomed here at ERAU even after 4 years of being here. I am really glad that this school attracts such great characters from all traits that will be life long relationships.

Anyways, I really hope my house gets fixed soon. As for now, it’s time to prepare for the first week of school.

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