Way to Start the New Year

Classes started today. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO¬† is what most of us are thinking, and I’ve already shared my rather hectic schedule. Just to reiterate, I’ll mention again that I am taking seventeen credits again and I have no choice but to pull off all A’s again so that my GPA remains as good as it currently is. This might be difficult because along with the busy academic schedule, I have to maintain my position in the Army ROTC and a social life in addition to being a student employee and justice on the Student Affairs Student Conduct Board (we should change the name). Today I went to my first class, Personality and Profiling with Dr. Bloom who is a favorite from my World Philosophy class last semester. That class is going to be an adventure for me because I already love everything about it! My second class was U.S. Foreign Policy with my favorite Dr. Trombley, and I can tell that this class is going to be a reboot of World History but from the American perspective. My last class of the day was Social Psychology, which sounds a lot like the Deceptions class that Dr. Lohn also teaches. I am looking forward to these classes even if it means a hectic schedule and even more work to deal with.

We had our first PT session this morning with a company run and some simple situps and pushups. It was interesting getting back into the physical loop of pt because I most definitely did not exercise for pt standards over break. The last time¬† I did pushups and situps at the same time was about a week ago when I went on a road trip to California with my two friends. Usually I am organized, uptight, stingy and don’t really know how to relax but this trip was all about spontaneity. We had no plan and just a cooler full of unhealthy food and Bobby’s miracle of a phone that got us to our destinations. We took turns driving, and I would reveal everything that we did on the trip, but then that would make it less special of a memory. In a nutshell, we went to San Diego and entered a pizza eating contest (actually, I chose to watch Bobby and Aaron stuff themselves silly with nasty pizza and was left with an ordinary behaving bowel for the rest of the trip) and then went to a casino to make ourselves feel better. We all lost money there, and I admit to fabricating the tale of how much I actually lost in an attempt to make the others feel better but this was counterproductive. The next day we managed to get to Coronado Beach and ate a ripe pineapple for breakfast before exploring the Del Coronado Hotel, which was pretty cool. We spent a lot of time on the beach and that’s where I got to do some situps and pushups, which was a bit uncomfortable in the sand. We drove all the way to LA, which is far more sketchy than New York apparently, and we met up with Bobby’s sister Therese and my cousin Beth near Disneyland! They were there for our high school choir’s annual trip to Disneyland and it was really great to finally see my cousin.

We drove through LA and saw downtown Hollywood and eventually made it to Knott’s Berry Farm. I haven’t been there in years so it was a whole new experience and I’m glad I got to experience it with my friends instead of having to wait in long lines with people who didn’t want to be there. We must have gone on eighteen rides apiece and made good money out of our discounted entrance fee of a mere $24.99. We went on every ride and managed to get a few videos of us riding and almost throwing upside down. We then spent the next day recuperating from a severe lack of sleep and then headed home on Saturday, the same day as the Tucson shootings. That was a summarized explanation of our trip but there is a LOT more to it that I choose not to mention here. It was a blast and a great way to start off the new year, with two Way’s. Eh nobody will get that, but it was fun and I hope to do it again sometime.


30 in pizza

Hotel Del Coronado

On the Silver Bullet at Knott's Berry Farm

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